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    Via Kevin Kernan

    The Yankees are dead last in the AL East and the Subway Series was a disaster, but Hank Steinbrenner said yesterday it would be a mistake to count out Joe Girardi’s club, especially with Alex Rodriguez due to come back to the lineup tonight against the Orioles.

    “A huge mistake, abso-freakin’-lutely,” Steinbrenner colorfully told The Post.

    “I think we’re just about ready to go on a tear. We’re too good a team. And getting A-Rod back is big. The hitters are going to start hitting soon.

    “This is a mirage,” he said of the hitting woes. “This team hasn’t forgotten how to hit. They’re going to start hitting at some point.”

    Boss Jr. also said the Yankees want to get back to more hands-on scouting, like they do in the amateur market, and get away from relying too much on computers.

    “Statistics are important to a degree,” he said, “but we have to get away from relying too much on that computer stuff, that’s gotten out of hand. We’ve got to get back to doing a little bit more of the old-fashioned scouting like the Yankees and Dodgers did.”

    Well, even if Hank doesn’t want to see the stats, I’ll share the current ones here – via the CBE:

    Player		PA	RCAA	OWP	RC/G	SEC
    Bobby Abreu	180	0	.499	4.7	.268
    Johnny Damon	179	3	.554	5.3	.353
    Robinson Cano	168	-12	.209	2.3	.172
    Derek Jeter	167	2	.549	5.2	.167
    Hideki Matsui	167	7	.650	6.6	.277
    Melky Cabrera	162	-1	.478	4.5	.276
    Jason Giambi	143	4	.588	5.7	.500
    Alex Rodriguez	99	3	.614	6.0	.286
    Jose Molina	87	-7	.158	1.9	.134
    Morgan Ensberg	76	-5	.229	2.4	.129
    Jorge Posada	66	0	.482	4.5	.222
    Alberto Gonzalez	44	-3	.235	2.5	.158
    Shelley Duncan	41	-2	.280	2.8	.194
    Chad Moeller	41	0	.513	4.8	.243
    Wilson Betemit	27	1	.589	5.7	.192
    Chris Stewart	3	-1	.000	0.0	.000

    Well, if anything, there’s a lot of room for improvement in there – for sure.

    Comments on Hank: Yes To Bats, No To Stats

    1. Rich
      May 20th, 2008 | 12:41 pm

      That is the most troubling thing that I have read from Hank to date.

    2. May 20th, 2008 | 1:28 pm

      I dunno. It’s not like he’s saying no to stats…just that he’s saying you can’t go 100% by the stats alone.

      I can dig that.

      The stats, alone, would have said that playing Scott Brosius was a mistake…and, the stats alone said that Tino Martinez was over-hyped…yet, those guys had something to offer that only a scout could see…

    3. Rich
      May 20th, 2008 | 2:09 pm

      I think the Yankees need to put a greater emphasis on statistical analysis. That doesn’t mean to ignore scouting, but I would use it to supplement sabermetric principles, not to supercede them.

      They traded Rogers for Brosius, right? I see that as a deal of opportunity. As for Tino, that trade points to being able to sagaciously analyze/scout one’s own system. With the surplus of young talent the Yankees are accumulating, they need to be very good at that aspect.

    4. Don
      May 20th, 2008 | 2:41 pm

      That is why saint Brian missed out on a Ryan Church. What is needed is the sharp eyed-era of Gene Michael and Bob Watson. Or must every veteran be making a minimum of $10 million? The Betemit obsession notwithstanding.

      That is the Papa Steinbrenner way of ‘building’ a team, names, names, names. Only great effort, and Prince Hal, made certain that Johan Santana would not be a Yankee for $150+ million. They lost the A-Freud battle though, with that albatross of a contract.

      When Papa was sat down, the result was great success, on the field. Since Papa, and now Sonny, are running the ship, well it will be a minimum of nine years between a WS victory. ‘Nuff said.

    5. Raf
      May 20th, 2008 | 3:15 pm

      That is why saint Brian missed out on a Ryan Church.
      No space… The OF is at least 5 deep, not counting the guys on the farm. Given the durability & potency, (as well as limited flexibility) of the Yankees’ lineup, it’s not surprising that “saint Bryan” missed on Ryan Church. Wasn’t a reason to show interest in him.

      OTOH, the pitching staff (a noted trouble spot) has seen a few effective low-buck pickups over the years; Bruney, Rasner, Small, Britton, etc, etc.

    6. May 20th, 2008 | 4:10 pm

      ~~Bruney, Rasner, Small, Britton, etc, etc.~~

      Outside of Small’s magic, and lucky, season, what large body of work have these guys done for NY?

    7. baileywalk
      May 20th, 2008 | 4:23 pm

      That is why saint Brian missed out on a Ryan Church.

      Well, besides what Raf said about the overcrowded outfield, which is true, who were we going to offer the Nats that was more attractive than a 23-year-old centerfielder? Would you have traded Melky for him? Or Austin Jackson?

      When that Milledge trade was made, most people thought the Mets were selling low, even though they were getting back two useful players. It’s not like Church was handed away. And I don’t think any GM can be held responsible for every other team’s successful moves.

    8. Raf
      May 20th, 2008 | 5:05 pm

      Outside of Small’s magic, and lucky, season, what large body of work have these guys done for NY?
      Goalposts are being moved…

      The point was that “That is why saint Brian missed out on a Ryan Church.” My point was that

      1. There was no reason to go after a Ryan Church, be it the player or his type (productive, low-salaried players)

      2. That those kind of players (productive low-salaried) players, have been acquired by the Yanks.

      Anyway, since you asked;
      Bruney: 519 ERA+ in 2006, performing well before injury this year.

      Rasner: Made team out of ST 2007, injured same, above average all 3 seasons with the Yanks

      Small: “magic, and lucky, season” 2005

      Britton: Has done the job when given a chance, and there’s the benefit of not having Jaret Wright around; Britton has pitched more that Wright since the trade had been made.

    9. Don
      May 20th, 2008 | 10:41 pm

      More excuses for saint Brian than Yankees losses.

      Wah! Too many OF’ers. Don’t pick up Abreu’s option, get rid of Damon, by any means. Takes care of the ‘overcrowding’.

      Keep drinkin’ the Ca$hman Kool-Aid boyos.

    10. Raf
      May 20th, 2008 | 11:08 pm


      It has already been pointed out that there are 5 OF’s on the team, with several more in the system.

      I’ll gladly trade my kool-aid for some of whatever it is you’re smoking.

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