• May 24th vs. The Mariners

    Posted by on May 24th, 2008 · Comments (11)

    I think they’re going to have to rename the baseball team from Seattle. Instead of calling them the “Mariners,” they should be called the “Panaceas” – because they truly are a great remedy for all ills and/or difficulties.

    Or, are the Yankees just playing this good?

    Will the real New York Yankees please stand up!

    Heck, will the real Mike Mussina please stand up? Is it the Moose who started the season not so hot, or the one who went on a roll recently for five games, or is it the one who has pitched “blah” in his last two games?

    And, how about Jason Giambi? Back on April 19th, I said it was time to let him go. But, since May 6th, he’s been en fuego.

    At this point, I would have to offer that Giambi is not as bad as he appeared in April and he is not as good as he appears (so far) in May. Let’s check on him on June 30th – as that will probably be the true level that we can expect from him, over the rest of the season, assuming that he does not end up on the disabled list.

    In the meantime, another win for New York tomorrow would be sweet – as it would enable the Yankees to reach .500 for the first time since May 10th. As long as they get to play the Panaceas again, I like their chances.

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    1. Joel
      May 24th, 2008 | 9:40 pm

      The Giambino–the team leader in homers and up to .234. And Cano up to .232 and on his way to .300.

    2. Rich
      May 24th, 2008 | 11:09 pm

      Giambi’s BABIP and LD% suggested that he had been unlucky, not that I hadn’t lost faith anyway.

      Cano has been hitting well since 5/1, but A-Rod’s presence has been the key, imo.

    3. May 24th, 2008 | 11:11 pm

      Giambi has 9 homers so far, now, this year. Here’s who they have come off of:

      Mike Timlin (2)
      Jose Contreras
      Paul Byrd (3)
      Kenny Rogers
      Johan Santana
      Carlos Silva

      I think you have to factor that in too.

    4. Joel
      May 24th, 2008 | 11:58 pm

      Homers are homers, Steve. These guys all pitch in the major leagues.

    5. Rich
      May 25th, 2008 | 12:02 am

      I recently read something on FanGraphs about Contreras re-inventing himself with a lower GB rate and that he has had a “ridiculously low 4.3% HR/FB rate.”

      Is Santana still thought of as being good?

      Rogers, like Santana, is still LH, which is a good sign from Giambi.

    6. AndrewYF
      May 25th, 2008 | 3:40 am

      Ortiz has 10 homers so far this year.

      Alan Embree
      Luis Mendoza
      Jon Garland
      Scot Shields
      Dustin McGowan
      Todd Jones
      Nate Robertson
      Jeff Suppan
      Carlos Villanueva
      Mark DiFelice

      Is Ortiz a bum too?

      Giambi is currently the best-hitting Yankee, and the second-best hitting first baseman in the AL (and fourth in baseball). There’s really no denying those facts.

    7. May 25th, 2008 | 8:09 am

      Andrew, thanks. Once I get my stats update for today, I will post something on this.

    8. May 25th, 2008 | 9:54 am

      […] this morning, WasWatching.com reader “AndrewYF” left this comment to an entry posted yesterday (on this blog): [Jason] Giambi is currently the best-hitting Yankee, […]

    9. OnceIWasAYankeeFan
      May 25th, 2008 | 10:12 am

      So Joba throws 40 pitches, only two innings, and exactly three curve balls. This is getting ready to be a starter? I mean, beyond the fact that was Mussina/Wright levels of efficiency, throwing his fastball and slider that much ain’t going to get it done. Throwing two innings and not seeing anyone twice isn’t going to get it done.

      There is a simple problem with the Yankee approach to stretching him out:

      He’s still being called upon to get crucial outs in the late innings. So naturally he goes with his strengths. At some point, he has to go out there and throw all of his pitches. There’s a reason why it would be smarter to do it in the minors, and he’d probably get fully stretched out and ready if he did it at SWB. In the minors, you start a game, and you follow your plan – regardless of results.

      Otherwise, I am going to predict that Joba isn’t nearly as great Hank thinks he will be.

    10. Rich
      May 25th, 2008 | 10:34 am

      Yeah, it’s just Hank.

    11. JJay
      May 25th, 2008 | 12:13 pm

      Rich, forget it. That guy is just a troll. Every Red Sox player is better than every Yankees player. And every Red Sox prospect is better than every Yankees prospect. Want to know why? Just ask him and he’ll give you a bunch of biased answers. Fun times!

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