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    Via the Yankees site

    “It’s always a challenge,” [Yankees V.P. of scouting Damon] Oppenheimer said. “I think if you talk to the guys over there at the Rays, they’re probably agonizing over their decision at No. 1 on who their guy is going to be. We all have our tough decisions to make. We’re always in the position where we’re at the will of whatever goes before us.”

    “It’s a good crop of players out there,” Oppenheimer said. “I think the Draft has some depth to it. I’m not sure how many potential superstars there are in this Draft, but from what we’ve seen, it has some depth and there should be some good players. There’s a huge difference between players one through five and players 25 through 30, but we’ll still be happy with what we get.”

    “You always hope to put pitching into the system, and it’d be nice to put some big arms into the system,” Oppenheimer said. “It would be nice to put some athletic guys who could potentially hit in the middle of the lineup. Those guys, there’s not that many of them to pick from. In terms of a particular position, I’m not going to try to shove a square peg into a round hole or anything like that. We’re going to pick what’s the best out there.”

    “We’re just going to try to line them up the best we can,” Oppenheimer said. “We’d like to take the guy with the highest ceiling, who is closest to the big leagues. Sometimes that’s college and sometimes it’s high school. We try to weigh those things and put it together, and take which one of those guys best fits that round.”

    I read in Baseball America that the Yankees have been heavy in terms of scouting left-handed pitchers. If true, look for the Yankees to take one of the high school lefties out there who may slide down in the first round because of signing concerns and/or college commitments.

    Make sense – you need left-handed pitching in Yankee Stadium and the Yankees have no legit LHP prospects.

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