• June 4th vs. The Blue Jays

    Posted by on June 5th, 2008 · Comments (2)

    Mike Mussina was sharp in this game. Granted, the Blue Jays are not an offensive force. But, Moose was on for this one…it probably was his third best game pitched (so far) this season.

    And, this morning, Yankees fans are pondering if this will be the season that Mussina finally wins 20 games. Heck, Moose is tied for the league lead in wins – so, why not have him start the All-Star Game for the A.L. this season? Better yet, let’s give him the A.L. Cy Young Award!

    O.K., I’m being silly here…but, here’s something to consider about Mussina…in terms of stats.

    The league is batting .286 against Mussina this year. What has saved Mike in 2008 is that he’s not walking anyone this season – really, at all. In 12 starts he’s only allowed 10 walks. That’s amazing. And, while he’s giving up homers – 9 to date – only three homers have come with runners on base.

    That’s been the key to Mussina’s season to date: Not allowing walks or homers with runners on base. And, there’s something else: Extra rest. Check out these stats for Moose with respect to when he pitches:

    Days Rest	        GS	W	L	IP	ERA
    3 Days		1	1	0	5.0	7.20
    4 Days		6	4	2	30.2	4.70
    5 Days		4	3	1	20.0	2.70
    6+ Days		1	0	1	5.2	4.76

    On “normal” or short rest, Mussina pitches like the Mike Mussina that we saw last season – with an ERA near five. This season, when Mussina gets an extra day’s rest – meaning pitching on 5 days rest – he’s stellar. Hey, the numbers don’t lie here.

    So, for Mike Mussina to keep doing what he’s been doing, he’s going to need three things this season: Keep his walks down, don’t allow homers with runners on, and get an extra day’s rest as much as possible. If this doesn’t happen, well, you can forget about that 20 win season…for starters.

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    1. OnceIWasAYankeeFan
      June 5th, 2008 | 9:33 am

      Whenever I’ve checked Moose’s stats I’ve really noticed how he has minimized the walks. When he’s gone bad in the last few years is when he doesn’t.

      I’m definitely impressed with Mussina’s performance to date but frankly his 9 wins are a perfect lesson in why wins aren’t much of a measure of a pitcher. He’s a five or six inning guy now so a lot of his wins have come from good bullpen performances in his starts. His ERA+ is 102 so he’s just barely better than average, yet his 9 wins are tied for the league lead.

    2. hopbitters
      June 5th, 2008 | 12:31 pm

      but frankly his 9 wins are a perfect lesson in why wins aren’t much of a measure of a pitcher.

      I couldn’t agree more. Wins aren’t a measure of anything.

      As for Moose, I think he’s finally starting to adapt his pitching style to his declining velocity and stamina. It’s a few seasons late and he still can’t pitch past 90-100 pitches more than a couple times a season, but it’s better than what he had been doing.

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