• June 7th vs. The Royals

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    Hi. My name is Steve. And, I’m the only Yankees fan in the world who is depressed over their improbable win today. Crazy? Well, let me explain…

    I had tickets to the game this afternoon. I’ve had them for a while now. At first, given my personal situation, I tried to do the fiscally responsible thing and sell the tickets. But, no one in my usual and trusted group of buyers was interested in this game. So, I thought to myself “Heck, I might as well go.” However, none of my close friends or family members were interested in going. They either had something else to do or just didn’t want to go to the game. Then, I thought “Maybe someone that I know, but don’t know all that well, would be interested in buying one of the tickets – and I can go with them?” But, a couple of those people were going to the game already and the rest either could not go to the game or were not interested. All told, between my usual group of buyers, friends, family, and acquaintances, I probably asked about 30 people – really, that many – and no one was up for this game. At the same time, I’ve had a couple of other things going on lately.

    Personally, for the last eight days, my allergies have been off the charts. It hit right after we did our tour of Yankee Stadium last Saturday – and has gotten worse each day. My eyes have been on fire – as if I have pink eye. When I wake up in the morning, they’re sealed shut and it takes warm compresses to get them open. And, my vision has been impacted – as everything is blurry at times. I’ve also been experiencing some nasty respiratory distress – tight lungs and coughing all the time. On top of that come headaches. I’m not really sure what’s going on with the air quality around me. But, I can’t ever remember my hay fever being this bad. It’s like having the worst cold of your life – except it’s not a cold.

    Also, a member of my family recently experienced a severe and life threatening situation. This was something that no one saw coming – but, it came fast. Related, I spent ten hours in the car yesterday traveling (back and forth) to see them in the hospital. (I did get to pass through Scranton and saw many, many, billboards for fireworks shops and adult massage ‘salons’ there. No wonder why Kei Igawa and Chris Britton don’t mind spending so much of their summer in Scranton.) Luckily, now, this situation has somewhat improved. It’s not great – and will now never be great – but, it could have been worse – much, much, worse. Needless to say, yesterday took a lot out of me.

    Here I was: Tired. Not feeling well. And, I was really having a hard time finding someone to go to the game with me. Therefore, late last night, I came to this conclusion: “It’s crazy trying to see this game – all things considered. If I just eat these tickets, I’m out $150. But, if I somehow manage to find someone to go with me, it’s going to be $150 for the tickets plus another $60 to $70 for gas, tolls, parking, food, and all that stuff. Since I’m exhausted and sick, and it’s going to be hotter than heck out there today, let me just cut my losses at $150 and burn the tickets – as much as that kills me to waste them.”

    And, that’s what I did – and then I missed a game like this game today. Yet, as much as it made complete logical sense for me to do what I did, I’m still depressed now that I missed going to this game today. Am I being a baby for feeling this way? Sure, maybe that’s true. But, it doesn’t change the reality of the way that I feel now. (If the Yankees had lost this game, I probably would not be upset about missing it.)

    What a game, today, huh? Yanks were down 5-1 after three and then tied it in the fourth. Then New York was down 10-6 heading into the bottom of the seventh and tied it, 10-10, by the end of the eighth. In the process, Giambi hits one to the moon and A-Rod hits one to Mars. Andy Pettitte allows ten runs – something, since 1956, that no Yankees pitcher has ever done in a game that’s a win. Then, Mo Rivera does something he almost never does – allowing a homer in the ninth to blow the tie. However, in the bottom of the ninth, Posada hits a homer to tie the score again, 11-11. Lastly, with two outs, the Yankees start a rally in the ninth – and win the game on Johnny Damon’s sixth hit of the day. (Six hits!)

    Man, when I miss a game, can I really pick ’em, or what?

    I should disclose, that, while I was not in the Bronx today, between seeing some of the game on T.V., at home, and listening to some of it on the radio, in the car with my family, and seeing highlights on ESPN and the news, I was aware of what was happening in this game – so, it’s not like I missed the game – it’s just that I missed being there – when I had a chance to attend it.

    Still, it’s time to go find some Robitussin Cough & Allergy Syrup and medicate myself until I’m comfortably numb and not thinking about this one for the rest of the night.

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    1. Raf
      June 7th, 2008 | 11:44 pm

      Hope ya feel better!

      That was an annoying game to watch, despite the win. Still not sure what Joe was thinking leaving Pettitte in to face Guillen

    2. June 8th, 2008 | 10:26 am

      I thought you were going to say you were depressed because we had to struggle this mightily against the *Royals*. I was kinda feeling that way myself, even with the win.

    3. hopbitters
      June 8th, 2008 | 1:08 pm

      I guess it was better winning than losing, but I can’t think of too many more embarassing ways to win against a bottom-of-the-barrel team.

      Have you tried any other meds for the allergies? A fair number of formerly prescription meds are now available over the counter.

    4. June 8th, 2008 | 7:30 pm

      I do use a couple of sprays – Astelin and Flonase – because every pill I’ve ever taken has put me to sleep…even the ones that say they don’t do that.

      And, usually, the sprays are enough. I just think the junk in the air has been off the charts in the last week.

    5. August 3rd, 2008 | 8:16 pm

      […] time I have tickets, and cannot go, something big happens. There’s this game…and that June 7th game against the Royals…and that May 23rd game against the […]

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