• June 8th vs. The Royals

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    General Joe, following this game: “It was a positive day.”

    Well said Mr. Girardi.

    This one was pretty much a party – as much as a non-laugher can be a party. I’m most happy for Dan Giese – as he got his first major league win today. It’s a day that he’ll never forget.

    According to my findings, Dan Giese now joins Jose Contreras, El Duque Hernandez and Rocky Colavito as the only “pitchers” – since 1956 – with 10 games (or less) in their big league “pitching” career and who were age 31 or older (at the time) to get their first big league win – as a Yankee at Yankee Stadium. Now, there’s a trivia question for you.

    Another win, tomorrow, would put the Yankees two games over .500 for the first time, this season, since April 23rd. It would be nice to see that happen – since April 23rd was almost seven weeks ago. When you consider that the season, itself, is just about ten weeks old, seven weeks is a long time.

    Here’s a prediction for you: Mike Mussina pitches between 6 and 7 innings tomorrow and holds the Royals to three runs or less – and the Yankees win the game. Hey, it’s a “positive day” in Yankeeland. Why should I be any different?

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    1. baileywalk
      June 9th, 2008 | 12:49 am

      Not only was it an excellent win, but noMaas exposed Peter Abraham for the petty, hypocritical jackass that he is. You would think someone who runs a site would know not to use his computer to send an “anonymous” comment to a site. The fact that Pete would do something this childish doesn’t surprise me at all.

      At least next time out Joba will actually be able to pitch with a little less pressure. I’m sure in this start and his last he was ticking down the pitches in his head.

      Why pitchers still throw Giambi anything but fastballs is beyond my comprehension, but long live the ‘stache.

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