• June 12th @ The A’s

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    I fell asleep during this one. Hey, it happens with these west coast weekday night games. The last thing I remembered, it was the bottom of the 5th and the Yankees were losing 1-0.

    I remember seeing that Giambi error in the 5th – for sure. I also remember Flaherty and Singleton, on YES, earlier in the game talking about how Andy Pettitte has trouble later in the game with inside pitchers because he’s older and loses a few feet off his fastball. I also remember them talking about how Hideki Matsui had never homered on his birthday. (And, this game was being played on his birthday.)

    I woke up, some time around 12:20 am ET, and realized that I had dozed during the game. Once I could get my eyes to focus, and saw the T.V., I noticed that it was the 8th inning, the Yankees were winning, 4-1, and Andy Pettitte was still pitching. Flaherty was commenting on how Pettitte was getting stronger as this game was going on. I was awake enough to remember that was a different tune than what they were singing earlier in the game. But, I was so tired that I decided to go to bed.

    Then, when I woke up this morning and saw the game recap, I found out that Matsui had hit a grand slam just about the time I drifted off on this one. Happy Birthday Godzilla! And, so much for never homering on your birthday.

    It’s nice to see both Wang and Pettitte pitch well this series. Back in March, when I predicted the Yankees to win 92 games this season, a big part of it was having Wang and Pettitte taking a regular turn and pitching well. Let’s face it – if Wang and Pettitte struggle this year, this season is toast. Let’s hope they both go on a roll now.

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    1. Raf
      June 13th, 2008 | 10:17 am

      I was doing laundry last night, and I got in around midnight. I turned on the game, expecting it to be around the 6th inning. I was quite surprised to see the game in the top of the 9th.

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