• To C.C., Or Not To C.C., That Is The Question

    Posted by on June 17th, 2008 · Comments (13)

    Brandon Tierney and Scott Ferrall, yesterday on SNY’s WheelHouse; and, Adam Schein and Chris Carlin, yesterday on SNY’s Loud Mouths, discuss whether or not the Yankees should go after C.C. Sabathia (via a trade with the Indians). Here’s the video:

    I’ve already gone on record and shared that I would not sign Sabathia as a Free Agent after this season. However, in terms of having him as a rent-a-player for this year, I would be willing to sing a different tune – especially with Worm Killer Wang now probably done for the season.

    The question is: What are you willing to give up for a half-season of Sabathia plus the draft picks that you’ll get when he walks at year end? I believe that you’re looking at two very good prospects plus someone who can buy some time, now, at the big league level – because Indians’ G.M. Mark Shapiro is a smart cookie.

    It would probably cost the Yankees a package of Ian Kennedy, David Robertson and Dellin Betances to get Sabathia and those draft picks – or something close to that package.

    But, you know what? If I’m the Yankees, and that’s the deal, I would really have to consider pulling the trigger and getting it done.

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    1. TurnTwo
      June 17th, 2008 | 1:15 pm

      i think technically, they’ll get two draft picks for him, if this were the case… the pick from the team who signs him (if they werent in the top 15 picks, which are protected), as well as a supplemental first round pick, no?

    2. June 17th, 2008 | 1:22 pm

      Mea Culpa, yes, it is two picks. Thanks for the correction. I’ve just updated the post to reflect this.

    3. OnceIWasAYankeeFan
      June 17th, 2008 | 1:35 pm

      Perhaps that deal gets it done in a vacuum. But you can bet that the Red Sox will be in on C.C. and so will other teams, like the Cubs who probably figure they have one great chance to win it all. I seriously doubt that package will get it done.

    4. butchie22
      June 17th, 2008 | 1:48 pm

      The problem with any Yankee offer is that the Cubbies and Philly will up the ante to get CC or any pitcher they need. If you think that Yankee fans are hungry for a championship, the Cubbies haven’t won in 100 years and want to make sure that they end that drought now so the Yankees would have to give up a king’s ransom for a CC or AJ . But the Jays and the Indians will not be out of it this year so this makes things even harder for the Yankees. There’s always Oswalt……….but he prefers the Red Sox. So in the end, this might even be an inside job with the Yankees doing this from within. Not a bad solution given the alternatives……

    5. Raf
      June 17th, 2008 | 2:22 pm

      Indians aren’t out of the race yet either. That should be taken into consideration as well.

    6. hopbitters
      June 17th, 2008 | 2:31 pm

      If they could get him for a reasonable trade, I’d have no problem with that, but I just don’t see them getting any kind of deal here. I’d rather they bid him up, let somebody else overpay, and pick up Lowe.

      It’s not that I think he’s a bad pitcher or that Lowe is better, but I do think he’s overvalued to start with and it will only get worse from here.

    7. MJ
      June 17th, 2008 | 2:47 pm

      It would probably cost the Yankees a package of Ian Kennedy, David Robertson and Dellin Betances to get Sabathia and those draft picks – or something close to that package.
      I doubt the Indians would go for that offer but if I knew they’d take it, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Get CC and wedge his fat ass into pinstripes and then let him chase cheeseburgers elsewhere after the season.

      I don’t think the Red Sox are necessarily interested here. Just like the Yanks, if they weren’t willing to jump through hoops for Santana, I don’t see why they’d want Sabathia. Matsuzaka, Beckett, Masterson, Buccholz, and Wakefield is enough for them in 2009.

    8. OnceIWasAYankeeFan
      June 17th, 2008 | 5:51 pm

      Just as the Red Sox got involved in the Santana talks to make sure the price was high for the Yankees, they will get involved if Sabathia is on the market. Count on it. They may not be greatly interested, but they won’t let the Yankees get Sabathia on the cheap.

    9. June 17th, 2008 | 6:40 pm

      At the end of the day half of the teams are still in it(the playoff hunt) but atleast 7 teams are really going to make a real push. So every pitcher that is going to be in the market this deadline is going to cost you a arm and a leg expect the lower B list pitchs and the C list pitch but Wang is a A list pitch so what are the yankees going to give up for CC another A list player ALOT!!! there goes the farm system

    10. June 17th, 2008 | 8:46 pm

      I still think the Indians have just as good a chance of winning that division as the White Sox, so chances are CC won’t be traded.

    11. Don
      June 18th, 2008 | 3:42 am

      Is this Bedlam? People have no idea what they are rambling on about.

    12. dpk875
      June 18th, 2008 | 6:32 am

      I would make the Ian Kennedy, David Robertson and Dellin Betances trade in a heartbeat if the Indians would take it. Betances’s upside, is probably what would make the Indians jump on this deal. Do you think Tabata could end up in this deal, or has he damaged himself too much for other teams to take the chance on him?

    13. Raf
      June 18th, 2008 | 9:59 am

      To C.C., Or Not To C.C., That Is The Question
      I would say the answer is “Not To C.C.”

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