• June 27th @ The Mets – Game 2

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    Early in this contest, Sidney Ponson was on the mound for the Yankees – and in a jam – while Kei Igawa began to warm in the Yankees pen. Really, Sidney Ponson and Kei Igawa. At that point, who would have ever guessed that the Yankees would go on to win this game, 9-0, with Ponson allowing zero runs over the first six frames?

    In fact, Igawa would later get into the game, in the ninth, and contributed another three outs.

    Yes, the Yankees won a game this evening – getting seven scoreless innings from the combination of Sidney Ponson and Kei Igawa.

    O.K., I have to say it again: Really, Sidney Ponson and Kei Igawa.

    You don’t see that everyday.

    Seeing this almost makes it worth enduring that ugly first game today – also against the Mets. But, I stress almost. It’s not a perfect offset – but it’s pretty darn close. Prittay, prittay, close. (And, it’s always a treat to beat Slippery Pete the Mango Tree Sitter.)

    Well, at the least, this win makes it worth having to sit through two games of David Cone calling Ken Singleton “Singie” – way too many times – while also having to hear Cone use an exaggerated accentuation during his pronunciation of the word “life”…over and over again.

    …Look at the late LIE-fe on that pitch. That Yankees bench is starting to show some signs of LIE-fe…

    Oh, my stars and garters – I thought my ears were going to start to bleed after a while…and I actually like Cone in the booth too. David, please, stop doing that, O.K.?

    Back to Ponson, let’s not forget that he went 6 and 2/3 innings pitched in his first Yankees game the last time the Yankees picked him off the scrap heap – back in 2006. And, then, he was back to being a human batting-tee. So, while this effort probably earns him another start for the Yankees – assuming he doesn’t do something stupid, off the field, in the next four days – don’t start expecting him to be the wind beneath the Yankees wings.

    Tomorrow should be fun – a re-match of May 17th – Pettitte and Santana.

    Pettitte’s ERA over his last 3 starts is 0.43 (in 21 IP). Santana’s ERA over his last 3 starts is 2.25 (in 20 IP). It could end up being a battle of the bullpens. We’ll see…

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    1. baileywalk
      June 28th, 2008 | 1:26 am

      I like Cone in the booth, too, but he likes to stress words in sentences — even if there’s no particular need to.

      I actually had to listen to the SNY broadcast tonight because I was in a Mets household. Wasn’t too bad — even if Keith started to literally moan and groan in the late innings and complain how bored he was.

      This is the first time I’ve seen Ponson pitch since he was with us and he’s really cleaned up his mechanics. He no longer has that stupid hitch in his delivery. I thought he looked pretty good, but if the Yankees are going anywhere this year I don’t think they’ll be doing it with Rasner, Ponson and Giese in the rotation.

      I hope the theory that Igawa got called up strictly to piggy-back Ponson’s start should Ponson have bombed is the truth. If he’s here for any length of time, and Gardner and/or Robertson are not called up, the Yankees have big issues. With Matsui on the DL, this is the perfect time to call up Gardner, who has earned the promotion. And Robertson… hell, what more do you need to see to know that the bullpen needs help and that Hawkins, while the nicest guy in the world* (as Pete Abe likes to remind everyone), needs to be cut?

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