• June 27th vs. The Mets – Game 1

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    I have to run and handle some personal things at 4 pm ET…but, until then…I thought I would do some live blogging for the game.

    2:20 pm ET: Well, that was quick. One-zip, Mets.

    2:38 pm ET: Nice hitting…er…bloops by A-Rod and the Big G. Now tied at one. Mets’ Mike Pelfrey’s fastball is showing up at 95 MPH – and on a two-seamer! – on the YES/my9 gun. I suppose they only use that “slow” YES/my9 gun for the Yankees pitchers…

    2:49 pm ET: Forty minutes for an inning and a half of baseball? Throw in at least one rain delay and these two teams will never make it to Queens in time for the night-cap…at this rate.

    2:56 pm ET: I’m sorry…but…runner on second, via a lead-off double (Cano), and no outs…you gotta get him in. Bad job by the Yankees 8-9-1 hitters there.

    3:10 pm ET: That look on Girardi’s face right after Beltran hit the two-run homer says it all.

    3:25 pm ET: Nice job by Conie with the Rickey Henderson stories. Love those. And, man, does Beltran play too deep. That’s two gift hits via him – A-Rod before and Posada now.

    3:30 pm ET: Another rocket…er, well placed squib…this time from Betemit. Yanks now lead, 4-3, after three. Hey, better lucky than good, right?

    3:50 pm ET: Bummer. Bases juiced. And, all left stranded. That could have been a spot to blow this one open. Is it just me, or, could Pelfrey give Giambi a run for his money on the playing with your tongue sticking out thing? Four-three, Yanks, end of four.

    (O.K., gotta take a call at 4 pm. I’ll try and check in again once I’m done.)

    4:27 pm ET: Just got off a phone call and peeked at the T.V. It’s now 6-4 Mets in the top of the 6th. Edwar Ramírez is pitching. Wha’ happened? Dare I ask?

    4:38 pm ET: Just saw, via SNY.tv’s STATS At The Park, what happened in the top of the 5th. Glad I missed that mess.

    4:44 pm ET: Delgado, of all people, hits a slam. It’s now 11-4 Mets in the 6th. I’m done. Going to the gym. It’s a better use of my time right now. See ya later tonight.

    6:25 pm ET: For the record, when Delgado homered off Hawkins in the 8th, to make the score 15-5, Mets, a couple of Mets fans in the gym (who were watching the game on one of the T.V.’s there) made a noise implying that they just made happy time in their gym shorts. I guess it’s a great day, so far, in the land of the Mets. Then again, why shouldn’t it be after a game like this one?

    Man, it’s been a long time since the Yankees let one man destroy them in their own park – the way that Carlos Delgado did this afternoon. Ouch.

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    1. Raf
      June 27th, 2008 | 2:28 pm

      Can someone explain to me why Melky is leading off?

    2. MJ
      June 27th, 2008 | 2:36 pm

      Because Joe Girardi is a conventional manager, just like the rest of them. 😉

    3. MJ
      June 27th, 2008 | 2:45 pm

      I suppose they only use that “slow” YES gun for the Yankees pitchers…
      Gotta love it when you can take a shot at Phil Hughes even when he’s several hundred miles away from the game.

      I believe Baileywalk’s consistent point about radar guns was that everyone has a different reading. The YES gun, the Stadium gun, and the MLB/ESPN gamecast gun may all give different readings of the same pitch. If no gun can be verified as absolutely accurate then what’s the point of stressing velocity readings?

    4. June 27th, 2008 | 3:34 pm

      MJ – yes, different guns give different readings. But, when you use the game gun on two different guys, and one’s 95 and the other is 91…that means the guy throwing 91 is not really throwing all that hard…unless, of course, the guy clocked at 95 is really throwing 99.

    5. MJ
      June 27th, 2008 | 3:44 pm

      …that means the guy throwing 91 is not really throwing all that hard…unless, of course, the guy clocked at 95 is really throwing 99.
      That’s only if you think THAT gun you’re citing is inaccurate. The point is that we don’t know WHICH gun is accurate.

    6. Raf
      June 27th, 2008 | 4:10 pm

      O.K., gotta take a call at 4 pm. I’ll try and check in again once I’m done
      Ah, that’s ok… don’t worry about it…

    7. June 27th, 2008 | 4:35 pm

      MJ – You’re missing the point.

      If I get on one scale and it says I weigh 165 and another scale that says 162, I don’t know what I weigh.

      But, if I get on the one that says 162, and you get on the same scale and it says 185 for you – I know, for a fact, that I weigh less than you…even if I don’t know if I weigh 162 or 165.

      So, 91 is less than 95 – – even if 95 might be somewhere between 97 or 94, in reality.

    8. MJ
      June 27th, 2008 | 4:38 pm

      So, 91 is less than 95 – – even if 95 might be somewhere between 97 or 94, in reality.
      Which means 91 might be somewhere between 93 or 90, in reality. And, really, it’s not about how fast you throw but if you can miss bats.

    9. June 27th, 2008 | 4:50 pm

      MK – it can’t be 93 – because, then that means the guy throwing 95 is really throwing 97…and Pelfrey was not throwing 97 – – on a two-seamer.

    10. Raf
      June 27th, 2008 | 5:12 pm

      Delgado, of all people, hits a slam.
      He heard Andy Phillips’ footsteps 😀

    11. OnceIWasAYankeeFan
      June 27th, 2008 | 5:33 pm

      Serious question, not meant to antagonize anyone – does this count as a home sweep, when the make-up game takes place weeks after the first two games?

      I don’t know if it should – a true sweep happens successively.

    12. Raf
      June 27th, 2008 | 5:36 pm

      I would think it qualifies as a home sweep.

    13. DJ21996
      June 27th, 2008 | 6:02 pm

      Swept by a team that got handed by the Mariners is not good.

    14. June 27th, 2008 | 6:22 pm

      A sweep, with games 2 and 3 almost a month apart? No, no way. The games have to be consectutive for it to be a sweep, IMHO. Then again, you can call the last series a 2-game sweep, and I would be fine with that.

    15. Joel
      June 27th, 2008 | 7:03 pm

      Paging C.C. Sabathia…

    16. Don
      June 27th, 2008 | 8:37 pm

      Yeah, panic and trade the farm for a fat pitcher, who we then have to pay $150 million. Makes sense, not.

      No pitcher is worth that kind of money, they play once every five days and are a huge risk. Pun intended.

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