• How Tough Has The Yanks Road Been?

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    At this moment, the Yankees have 44 wins and 38 losses (on the season). That’s a winning percentage of .537 – which means the Yankees are on pace to win 87 games this season.

    However, we know that you cannot assume that the next 80 games are going to turn out like the last 82 games, right? After all, the future is unknown. But, we can look at the past and see what happened and how the Yankees got there, no? Well, actually, we know what happened – the Yanks went 44-38. So, maybe the question is: What does that mean?

    Looking at the MLB Relative Power Index that they keep at ESPN.com tells us that the Yankees SOS (Strength of Schedule) to date is .506 – which means the Yankees have not been playing, on the whole, strong teams or weak teams.

    And, looking at the Adjusted Standings that they keep at Baseball Prospectus tells us that the Yankees AEQR (which is their equivalent runs scored adjusted for strength of schedule) is 404 whereas their EQR (which is their equivalent runs scored) is 398. The fact that their AEQR is close to their EQR suggests that the Yankees have faced league average pitching, thereabouts, to date.

    Further, looking at the Adjusted Standings that they keep at Baseball Prospectus tells us that the Yankees AEQRA (which is their equivalent runs allowed adjusted for strength of schedule) is 365 whereas their EQRA (which is their equivalent runs allowed) is 364. The fact that their AEQRA is close to their EQRA suggests that the Yankees pitchers have faced league average batters, thereabouts, to date.

    If you tie all this together, to me, it says that the Yankees have been playing middle-of-the-pack teams (in terms of their opponents’ hitting, pitching, and winning percentage – all being league average) and, while doing this, New York has produced a record for themselves that is just a few ticks above average (meaning on pace for 87 wins – compared to 81 wins).

    And, it just amplifies what I said four days ago: The 2008 Yankees are lacking exceptional ability – since, if they had better ability, their record would be better…given who they’ve played so far.

    I know that’s hard to believe when you look at some of the names on their roster. But, the numbers do back up the notion that, on a grading scale of A, B, C, D and F, to date, the Yankees have earned a “C.”

    When you play medicore teams and you produce a medicore record, you’re a medicore team too.

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