• July 5th vs. The Red Sox

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    Anyone else have some post-season flashbacks while watching this game? (And, my apologies if any of this was mentioned on FOX today. I saw most of this one while I was in a restaurant – and the sound on the TV was off.)

    Bottom of the 2nd inning. Giambi walks with one out and moves to second on Cano’s single. Cabrera then singles to right…and, here comes Giambi around third….

    He slides…and what a slide! He’s safe!

    At that moment, I started to think about Game 3 of the 2001 ALDS against the A’s. You know…the Jeter flip game. And, my thoughts were: “Thank goodness we got the Giambi brother who knows how to slide!”

    Top of the ninth. Yanks up, 2-1. Sox have the bases juiced with no outs. Rivera, who just allowed a run before loading the bases, is pitching. Crisp, Varitek and Lugo are due up for Boston.

    I thought, for sure, the Red Sox were going to (at least) tie this game (at that point). However, Mo gets Crisp on strikes and Varitek on a pop-up. Two huge outs. One to go…

    At this moment, I started to think about the bottom of the 9th from Game 7 of the 2001 World Series against the Diamondbacks. When Arizona, who was trailing 2-1 to start their half of that inning, had runners on first and second with no outs, against Rivera, I was positive that Mo was going to work out of it with some strike-outs and pop-ups. But, as you know, it never happened. Now, today, Rivera was doing what I expected seven years ago…and all he needed was one more out.

    Bingo! Lugo strikes out and the Yankees win. Wow.

    Hey, the Yankees offense was still MIA today. We cannot forget about that. It’s still an issue. But, let’s just focus on the positives from today – the Yankees pitching.

    Mussina was a man on a mission. He did all you can ask from him – and more. Jose Veras…who is starting to win me over…pitches like the man he said he would be back in November of 2005. Shoot, even Kyle Farnsworth chipped in with a perfect eighth inning.

    It’s a “W” and the Yankees will take it – because they need it.

    How about this: In their last 21 games, the Yankees are now 12-9. And, three of those twelve wins were by the score of 2-1; and, another one of those twelve wins was by the score of 3-2.

    Pitching is the difference between the Yankees going 12-9 in their last 21 games and not going 8-13 (in those 21 contests). Thanks the stars above above for the great pitching that the Yankees have been getting, at times, over the last three weeks. Without it…things could be a lot worse in Yankeeland.

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