• July 12th @ The Blue Jays

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    Folks will want to talk about Jeter and A-Rod’s homeruns in this game – because that’s sexy…with Derek’s being career jack #200 and with Alex’s passing Mickey Mantle on the all-time list.

    But, you can also make the case that Brett Gardner’s hit in the 3rd inning was the blow that iced this win for the Yankees. In fact, it was a really nice day for Gardner: 2 hits, 2 walks, 2 runs, and 3 RBI.

    Also, give credit to Ramirez, Veras and Farnsworth for shutting the door after five from Rasner.

    Speaking of Darrell Rasner, hey, nice job hanging in there for this one. He could have melted after that first inning – but, he didn’t. And, there’s something to this Chad Moeller thing with Rasner. Including this game, here’s Rasner’s OPS allowed by catcher:

    Moeller: .675 (in 149 PA)
    Posada: .933 (in 71 PA)
    Molina: 1.014 (in 81 PA)

    As long as Chad Moeller is on the team, if I’m Girardi, I’m having him catch Rasner all the time.

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