• Andy Pettitte’s Role As A Leader

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    Brandon Tierney and Scott Ferrall, yesterday on SNY’s WheelHouse, prior to the Yankees game last night, discuss the Yankees starting rotation and the role of Andy Pettitte as a team leader. Here’s the video:

    It is interesting that, since Pettitte came out and said that the Yankees “stink” and “need to play better,” the team has now won four in a row.

    I just read yesterday, in “Living on the Black: Two Pitchers, Two Teams, One Season to Remember,” that last year, 27 games into the season, Pettitte called a “Pitchers Only” meeting to basically tell the staff that they needed to stop feeling sorry for themselves and that it was time to start doing their job and picking up the team.

    Makes me wonder…when the day comes where Pettitte, Rivera, and Mussina are gone…who will be the next set of leaders on the Yankees pitching staff? I hope that someone is there to step-up and be a leader…like Pettitte is now. Maybe Joba Chamberlain can be one of those next leaders? He seems to have the make-up for it.

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    1. July 22nd, 2008 | 2:16 pm

      Two other factors at work here, though:

      – All Star Break, 4 days off
      – Played Oakland for 3 games, 5th lowest-scoring team in the majors

      Not necessarily arguing your point, jest sayin’. 🙂

    2. July 22nd, 2008 | 4:30 pm

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