• August 21st @ The Blue Jays

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    We decided to take the kids out this evening for some dinner and fun. After all, in another two weeks or so, school starts up again…so, we thought, let’s get some more summer-time stuff in before it’s too late. And, I missed most of this game.

    The restaurant we were in had the game on…but it was on a TV in the bar. And, it was behind me – so, I really couldn’t see it. At one point, I peeked and it was 1-0, Jays, top of the second and Giambi was getting doubled-off first. Later, when I stole another glance, it was 2-0, Jays, top of the third and Pudge Rodriguez was up at the plate.

    Still, a close game…and I hoped that I might be surprised tonight.

    That was it (in terms of having access to the game)…until our evening was over and we got back to our car. Once we were all buckled in, I tuned the radio to the game – and, at that point, it was the bottom of the seventh, Alex Rios was batting for Toronto…and the Yankees were losing, 13-3.

    Looks like I missed a lot, huh?

    Immediately, upon hearing the score was 13-3, I turned off the game and put on some music.

    Hey, Yankees, what happened? I thought every game, from last Tuesday out, was supposed to be played like it was a playoff game? Then again, Sidney Ponson pitched like a turd, the Yanks’ 3-4-5 hitters had just two hits between them, and New York lost the game. Sounds just like what might happen…should this Yankees team actually play in a post-season game…

    At this point, all I can say is that Mussina, Pavano and Rasner better have their “A” games going in Baltimore…because the Yankees now need to win all three contests, coming up, against the O’s.

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