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    First, Hank…via the Post

    Now it’s the media’s fault.

    Hank Steinbrenner, who has gone out of his way to emphasize how much injuries have hurt the Yankees this season, told the new Sporting News magazine that he had to do it because, “Most of the national media is full of Yankee haters.”

    “That’s why I have to point out the injuries,” Steinbrenner writes in his column in the magazine’s relauch issue, dated Sept. 1. “Because the media sweep that under the rug and say we’re playing poorly.

    “But next year, in a new stadium, we’ll be much better.”

    Next, Hal…via Kat O’Brien

    Most weeks that the Yankees are at home, team co-chairman Hal Steinbrenner meets with general manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi at Yankee Stadium. Last Friday, Steinbrenner added one to the invite list: captain Derek Jeter.

    With time running short for the Yankees to get back in playoff position, Steinbrenner wanted to be sure the players got the message that ownership continues to have every confidence in this team. And he knew that Jeter could deliver that to his teammates.

    “I just wanted to let [the players know] that ownership absolutely believes that we’re in this,” Steinbrenner said in a phone interview yesterday. “We absolutely believe we’re in this fight, and that we’ll be in it until the end. Winning takes determination, courage and heart, and it’s time to bring that into the open in a big way. I just told Derek, ‘It’s got to start with you. You’re the captain.’ And he knows that. It was a good meeting. Very positive.”

    “I’m optimistic, and I’m going to stay optimistic until the end,” Steinbrenner said. “I just wanted them all to know that George, Hank and I all believe that we are in this thing 100 percent.”

    “I can only speak for myself – I know we’ve got a good team,” Steinbrenner said. “I know we’ve got a good team, and I wanted to convey that to Derek so he could convey that to his teammates. He knows he’s the captain. He knows it has to start with him. It’s like that in any sport, in anything in life.”

    I was really into the “Hank Stein” thing when he first came out of the shadows. But, now, I’m beginning to side with the camp that believes he’s all bluster and excuses. And, it seems like Hal is more involved in the day-to-day running of the team.

    When you read quotes like these…if seems like Hal is more like Jimmy Carter whereas Hank is more like Billy Carter. I just hope that…having two of them working at the same time…doesn’t lead to a future full of conflict for the Yankees front office.

    Comments on Hank & Hal Talk About Yanks

    1. Raf
      August 22nd, 2008 | 10:53 am

      I was really into the “Hank Stein” thing when he first came out of the shadows.
      I wasn’t. I believe owners should be seen and not heard. They hired “baseball people” for a reason, let them do their job.

    2. Mr
      August 22nd, 2008 | 11:18 am

      “seems like Hal is more like Jimmy Carter whereas Hank is more like Billy Carter”

      If the yankees are being run like a Carter administration, then we are in big trouble. I think from now on I’ll drink a 6 pack of Billy Beer per game to drown out the rest of this awful season.

    3. asdf
      August 22nd, 2008 | 12:15 pm

      So, first we criticize him for putting his nose where it doesn’t belong. Then, when he doesn’t do anything “crazy” or drastic, we criticize him for being full of crap. I see.

    4. Raf
      August 22nd, 2008 | 12:45 pm

      Being full of crap and sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong aren’t mutually exclusive 😀

    5. Jake1
      August 22nd, 2008 | 5:40 pm

      There has to be better analogies than the disastrous Carter admin. That is scary.

      Hank is all talk and has zero power.

      If he had any power at all wouldn’t Santana be pitching tonight in Baltimore?

      You think George doesn’t make that trade?

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