• August 24th @ The Orioles

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    Four hours and one minute for nine innings of baseball…well, if you call this game “baseball,” this is…

    No question about it. When you have a 7-2 lead, needing 18 more outs for the win, and then you allow the other team to tie the score, that’s not pretty at all. But, on the plus-side, the Yanks did manage to eek-out an 8-7 win in this one…and, winning is all that matters, right?

    So what if it’s not exactly a fine display of championship level play…or even just a good display of baseball, period?

    Thank the stars for the off-day in Yankeeland tomorrow. After the way the Yankees had to use their pen in this series, they can use it.

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    1. antone
      August 25th, 2008 | 3:49 pm

      Yeah, I was at this game and I was exptecting a ton of “why the hell did Girardi bring in Ramirez” comments…but this place looks like it has been dead all weekend…not even any Pavano comments…whats going on?

      The last three games I have been to…this one…the Royals-Yankees extra inning 5 hour game…and the Angels-Yankees game were E-Ram gave up the grand slam to Texiera…all long games…I’m going to the game in Tuesday, so I hope you guys plan on staying up late!!

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