• Did Paulie Hit Baseball’s 200,000th HR?

    Posted by on August 27th, 2008 · Comments (1)

    Baseball-Reference.com says that it’s a close call. The question is: Who will hit # 250,000?

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    1. August 27th, 2008 | 8:55 am

      There sure were a lot of games played that day, and 48 homers hit. Eleven of them were hit in day games, and the Dodgers-Angels game was played at 10:05 EDT, so there was competition from one of the other night games played on June 12, 1999. Also, O’Neill did not have the Yankees only homer that day; Bernie homered in the first and Brosius homered in the fifth. There were a lot of homers hit in the third and fourth innings of the various night games, so it’s still a guess who had the actual 200K Homer.

      I’ve estimated that the 250K Homer will come on September 7.

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