• August 29th vs. The Blue Jays

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    A.J. Burnett was A.J. Burnett again tonight (at least as he usually is when he faces the Yankees) – and then some.

    But, Carl Pavano was…well, who was that guy? Did he really breeze through the first five innings on just 54 pitches – and end up going six on 72 pitches, all told, just allowing one run?

    Pavano was Mussina-like out there today. You can’t ask for anything more than that?

    In the end, the only questions left after this thrilling, nail-biting, victory are the following: Is Jose Veras cooked? Will Mariano Rivera’s arm hold up? And, how much will A-Rod be fined for showing up more than an hour late to the ballpark tonight? (Yeah, there was traffic; but, 24 other players and the entire coaching staff managed to get there on time.)

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    1. butchie22
      August 30th, 2008 | 5:21 am

      Was Pavano that great ? Maybe it wasn’t that he was that good, there’s another reason.I mentioned yesterday that Toronto has an offense that is AAAA like. They are terrible with RISP and have absolutely no power. They just traded one of their most powerful hitters, Stairs, so what did you expect. Purcey threw a complete game and struck out 11 the other day… and the Jays lost 1-0! Toronto probably has the most complete games in the major leagues and half of them are losses because of their anemic offense.

      American Idle is pitching for a contract so now he comes on the scene. That crap that happened in 2006 with the bruised buttocks was a joke. He missed all of 2006 with even having surgery a year after being on the DL. Sorry, but I don’t wanna hear spin from Cash or Kay about this guy. Nice little pitching job against a team that can’t hit a lick Carl. Nice to see that you finally cam back when there is little or no chance of the Yanks making the playoffs.

    2. Corey
      August 30th, 2008 | 11:58 am

      So, how long do you think it will be till someone here mentions says somethin like they think they should pick up Pavano’s option?

    3. butchie22
      August 30th, 2008 | 12:38 pm

      The sample set is too small so far. THe Jays are a terrible hitting team so they make Rasner look like Nolan Ryan in his prime. The Os are a better hitting team BUT Pavano only pitched 5 innings. The Yanks have to cut their losses and turn the page. Pavano will probably go back to the NL and get a one year St Louis Card type of contract and blossom under Duncan and then go out and hoodwink another team for a 4 year 40 million dollar contract!

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