• August 31st vs. The Blue Jays

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    Another day, another loss.

    At least we got to see Alfredo Aceves today. Facially, he reminds me of Jim Leyritz. Pitching? He looked great today. But, what can you tell from two innings at the back end of a game that’s on its way to the “L” column?

    As I write this, the Red Sox are losing, 3-1, in the top of the 9th inning at Fenway. Assuming that Boston goes on to lose, this would make the Yankees tragic number, according to my quick math, to be “20” – meaning any combination of Yankees losses and Red Sox wins from here out, equalling twenty, is when the Yankees will be officially dead in the Wildcard race.

    I’m guessing that number will be down to “zero” around September 18th. What do you think?

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