• Tigers & Royals Sunk Yanks In ’08

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    I was just looking at how the Yankees and Red Sox have faired against the A.L. East, Central, and West, to date, this season. Here’s the breakdown:

    Tm	vEast	vCent	vWest
    BOS	27-26	21-8	20-15
    NYY	29-27	17-18	16-10

    As you can see, both Boston and New York are about the same when they play teams in the A.L. East. And, both teams, are close…somewhat…in terms of their record against teams in the A.L. West.

    However, the big difference here is how Boston and New York have done when playing teams in the A.L. Central. The Red Sox have cleaned up – going 21-8. And, the Yankees have struggled – going 17-18.

    Let’s break it down some more – looking at the head-to-head records for each of these teams when they play teams in the Central:

    YankOpp	W	L	BosOpp	W	L
    CHW	2	1	CHW	4	2
    CLE	3	4	CLE	2	0
    DET	1	4	DET	5	2
    KCR	5	5	KCR	6	1
    MIN	6	4	MIN	4	3

    Bingo! There’s the big difference. Boston has gone 11-3 when playing the Tigers and Royals this season whereas the Yankees have gone 6-9 versus K.C. and Motown.

    The differnce between those two marks is worth 5.5 games between the Yankees and Red Sox in the standings. Take that 5.5 away from the 7.0 that New York is behind Boston, now, and it would close the gap between these two teams to just 1.5 games.

    If you want to know why the Yankees are so far behind the Red Sox at this point in the season, look no further than how they have played against the Tigers and Royals this season. There’s your answer.

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