• Yanks Send Hughes To Arizona

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    Relax. Phil hasn’t been traded. He’s going to play in the Arizona Fall League after this season – as per Chad Jennings.

    I’m a tad confused as to how this is possible? According to the rules, “No players with more than one year of credited Major League service as of August 31 are eligible” to play in the Arizona Fall League.

    Hughes was called up on April 26th last season. And, if I recall correctly, he was never optioned to the minors – he only spent time on the D.L. and did rehab assignments. So, since D.L. time on the big league disabled list counts towards service time, that’s almost a full year there. Then, this season, Hughes was with the major league team from Opening Day through, at least, the end of April – and then he went on the major league D.L. again.

    You mean, with all that, Hughes doesn’t have a year of credited Major League service already? Unless, of course, I’m wrong about D.L. time counting towards service. But, I would have to think that the MLBPA fought for that to happen…after all, a guy on the D.L., all year, automatically gets a full post-season share…so, if it counts towards that, why would it not count towards service too?

    Update, 8/31/08, 8:10 pm EST: I had a bad link to the rules – they’ve since been updated. The cut is now two years instead of one – so, Hughes is O.K. there. My thanks to Chad Jennings for the correction.

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