• September 7th @ The Mariners

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    Aw, com’on Yanks…Ryan Feierabend shuts you down?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to the newest 4th place team in the American League East: the New York Yankees.

    The last time the Yankees were in 4th place after their game played on September 7th was 1992. (The other recent C.O.B. September 7th marks for New York where they were below 3rd place: 1991 – 5th place, 1990 – 7th place, 1989 – 5th place, and 1988 – 4th place. Yeah, this Yankees team is bringing back memories of the 1988-1992 Yankees.)

    Let’s move on to Mike Mussina. He wasn’t great today. But, he gave the Yankees a chance to win the game. Moose still needs three wins to get twenty on the season. Can he do it? His next starts will be:

    Friday, 9/12 vs. The Rays
    Wednesday, 9/17 vs. The White Sox
    Tuesday, 9/23 @ The Blue Jays
    Sunday, 9/28 @ The Red Sox (the last game of the season)

    Man, it’s going to be close…but, I don’t think Mussina is going to make it. Too bad.

    Let’s face it. These days, in Yankeeland, the only thing left that we have to root for is the following: You want to see the Rays, Twins, White Sox, Phillies, Cardinals and Astros win as many games as possible from here until the end of the season. This way, maybe, the Mets and/or Red Sox will miss making the post-season too. Yes, it’s come down to that in terms of “things to make a Yankee fan feel good.”

    It will also be interesting to see how the Yankees play out their remaining 19 games too. If they mail it in…and…say…go something like 7-12 (or worse)…what will that say about Joe Girardi’s ability to get this current cast of characters to play hard?

    By the way, in the spirit of fair play, etc., Phil Hughes was awesome (With a capital “A,” baby!) down in Triple-A today. Seeing that, you have to wonder if the Yankees would call him up and give him Pavano’s next start – scheduled for Saturday, September 13th. It might just be the right thing to do…considering that Pavano is gone in three more weeks and Hughes is someone who the Yankees think is part of their future.

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    1. MJ
      September 8th, 2008 | 9:26 am

      No point in calling Hughes up for Pavano’s start. After all the negativity surrounding him this year, it’s best for the kid to go out on a high note and enter the off-season feeling good about himself and his ability. Yesterday’s result shows that he DOES have talent and that, although success at the MLB level is not guaranteed, the Yanks are not fools for believing in Hughes’s ability.

      As for the final 19 games, the Yanks should simply endeavor to lose them all. Since it’s a foregone conclusion that the Yankees will stupidly overspend in free agency, they may as well finish in the bottom 15 and protect their first round draft pick.

      Finally, who cares if they finish in 3rd or 4th place? Does 3rd place provide you with THAT much more dignity and a sense of accomplishment? It’s irrelevant.

    2. Raf
      September 8th, 2008 | 2:17 pm

      I guess with the SWB playing for the Governors Cup, you may not see Hughes for another week.

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