• September 14th vs. The Rays

    Posted by on September 14th, 2008 · Comments (1)

    Totally missed this one. We went shopping this afternoon, followed by a walk, and then out for an early dinner. At one point, we were in the car and I did tune in to catch the score. At that time, it was the fifth and David Price was just getting ready to start the inning against Derek Jeter. I heard that the Yanks were up, 6-3 at that moment, and, figured it was safe to listen to some music on the radio instead.

    So, I missed Carl Pavano finding a fitting close to his Yankees career.
    And, I missed Joe Girardi doing the right thing with Robinson Cano – albeit probably something like 30 games too late. And, I missed Derek Jeter (playing with no hope for October baseball for the first time in his big league career) showing the world, again, why he’s one of the most mentally tough players in baseball today.

    In any event, I’ll say this about the Tampa Bay Rays…

    If they’re going to do anything this post-season, at all, they’re going to need their starting pitchers to pull a trick like the 2005 White Sox did…having their starters just over-power the other teams and carrying them through. Otherwise, they’re going to fall short in October. That may be the biggest story for them in the post-season…closely followed by how many tickets they actually sell for their October home games.

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    1. MJ
      September 15th, 2008 | 12:43 pm

      How does Jeter tying Gehrig’s home hit record get translated into being “one of the most mentally tough players in baseball today”? I don’t see what the playoffs (or lack of them) have to do with it either. Is Giambi or A-Rod also mentally tough because they both also homered in a meaningless game? Or do their feats in the same game not count?

      I’m not advocating for Giambi or A-Rod in this post, merely trying to find out why Jeter gets his ass kissed? Beyond the accomplishment — notable and impressive — how does it speak to his so-called mental toughness?

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