• September 20th vs. The Orioles

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    The storyline for this game should be a toss-up between the fact that Alfredo Aceves is now just about a dead-solid lock to go down in history as the last Yankees pitcher to be credited with an unassisted double-play in this Stadium and the heroics of some of the Yankees batters in the bottom of the 9th inning. (Yeah, I think the Yankees got lucky when the O’s muffed the chance to turn two on A-Rod’s grounder.)

    But, sadly, in the end, the story of this game is whether or not the pitch that hit Derek Jeter, leading off that aformentioned 9th inning, caused enough injury to prevent Jeter playing in the last game, tomorrow, for this Yankee Stadium. It’s beyond sick to think that Derek Jeter would be prevented from playing in that last game tomorrow – it’s just cruel for the potential of that happening to be a matter of reality. If anyone deserves to play in that game, it’s Jeter.

    After the game, Jeter said that he was playing, of course, tomorrow. But, you never know what might develop over the evening hours. Cross your fingers, arms, toes, legs, eyes and whatever else that you can manage to cross for Derek…and the hope that he will be able to be a part of that last game tomorrow once he wakes up and looks at how bad his condition is at that point.

    By the way, did anyone get the count on how many times Michael Kay used the word “penultimate” today? I lost track after a while…

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