• September 21st vs. The Orioles

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    The House That Molina Closed.

    Nice day at the big ballpark in the Bronx. Left my house at 3:30 PM on Sunday. Arrived in the Bronx at 4:40 PM. After finally finding a parking spot, I was in the Stadium just before 6 PM. Enjoyed the pregame – but enjoyed the game and the post-game even more. Left the Stadium shortly past midnight on Sunday. Got home at 1:50 AM on Monday morning…today. (It’s 2:20 AM on Monday as I type this…)

    Lots of comments and photos to come…what is now later today.

    In the meantime, while I try and get some sleep now, please share your comments on the game, ceremonies, etc., here – and if you have any specific questions about the experience of being there…leave those too…and I’ll get back to you with my answers.

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    1. Tresh Fan
      September 22nd, 2008 | 3:39 am

      What I found most poignant in the after-game celebrations was when Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte gathered together to have their picture taken. All four had originally signed with the Yankees in the years 1990 to 1992, when the pinstripe pride was at its lowest point. All four worked their way up the farm system and played their first major league game in 1995 when the Yankees were en route to the post season for the first time in 14 years. And then, over the next eight years, they played together on six pennant winners and four World Champions. Now, at the closing of the Stadium, they stood together for the last time on that field, a fitting image of all that was right and best with the New York Yankees, and an affective picture that an era may well be nearing its end.

    2. TurnTwo
      September 22nd, 2008 | 8:13 am

      you know, maybe it was just me, but i kind of found the pregame celebration to be a little lackluster.

      seemed like a bizarro old timers day when they should have been celebrating or highlighting more of the stadium itself and the great plays and memories the team had there over the 85 years rather than the players who once played there.

    3. September 22nd, 2008 | 8:23 am

      It reminds me how lucky we are.

    4. Corey
      September 22nd, 2008 | 9:09 am

      I thought the replica 1923 lineup was cheesy and embarassing personally

    5. Raf
      September 22nd, 2008 | 9:42 am

      I thought the replica 1923 lineup was cheesy
      Ok, so I wasn’t the only one… At the very least, they should’ve had either video clips, or pictures of the 1923 Yanks. Or handled it the way they handled the position players later in the evening.

      I went to the park in the early afternoon, stopped by there later in the evening; I arrived in the area just in time for “Cotton Eyed Joe.” Was going to hang out in Stans, but it was too crowded. I am a bit surprised that someone kept insisting on playing jukebox music over the post game interviews.

    6. Joel
      September 22nd, 2008 | 9:54 am

      You can quibble about the actors representing the 1923 team, but the whole night was magical.

      The ending with Mo and then the Jeter speech and then the lap around the Stadium was tremendous. It reminded me of the 1996 celebration.

      All in all a terrific good-bye. On the verge of elimination in a down year…theee Yankeeees win!!!!

      The Yankees still win.


    7. mph2373
      September 22nd, 2008 | 10:54 am

      The collective groan from my section regarding the “1923 Yankees” aside, it was a truly fitting ending to the first chapter of baseball I’ve ever known. We got there early to try and walk the warning track, but after standing in line for hours, it was closed. Yet, it was OK. We still got to walk through Monument Park one last time at the Old Ballpark. Still got to take over 200 pictures throughout the day.

      I hate standing in line, and generally people get cranky or down right nasty in those situations. Not this time. It was remarkably calm; real fans just wanting one more moment. I couldn’t stop staring at everything.

      Just a great day.

      We also appreciated them letting us sit there well after the game to drink it in. As I sit here dead tired at work, having to train 28 new employees in about an hour, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. We left after 12:30, and I still didn’t want to leave.

      So many good memories.

      One thing my fiancé did notice was that when Michael Kay pulled the “final” lever and it said forever? It actually said: Met Life…Forever.

      It is only forever in our minds, the building is being torn down. How about Yogi pulling the lever and saying goodbye?

      Just small complaints really, in the grand scheme of things. Definitely not what I took away from yesterday, nor what I will remember about it.

      Thanks to all of you that were there too. I got chills several times during the game as the chanting broke out. Jeter was right. WE are huge part of what made that building special.

    8. Raf
      September 22nd, 2008 | 11:22 am

      It actually said: Met Life…Forever.
      I’m sure the other NY team appreciates that 🙂

    9. September 22nd, 2008 | 2:24 pm

      […] promised, in addition to the photos that I’ve shared, what follows are some of my thoughts around […]

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