• Man Who Caught Molina Ball Is Identified

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    Via KCWY13 (NBC For Wyoming) yesterday –

    Steve Harshman says he was seated behind the outfield fence in left-center field at Yankee Stadium in the bottom of the 4th inning, when Jose Molina hit the 2-run home run, that turned out to be the last home run hit at Yankee Stadium (provided the Yankees do not make the playoffs).

    Although there was a net above him, Harshman was able to reach through and grab the ball, after it had bounced around a few times.

    He says he was unable to pull the ball through the net, but he held onto it.

    Steve Harshman:
    “I had the ball on the net and I said, ‘Well, I’m going to pull it right through this netting.’ This guy says, ‘Don’t rip the netting,’ and I said, ‘Well, I’m not letting go of it,’ and he said, ‘All right let’s clear these guys out,’ so they cleared all these guys out and everybody was, ‘Yeah, it’s his ball, everybody back up,’ because they kind of had to roll it down to drop it..drop it off and that and so they cleared everybody out and I actually handed it to the security guy through the net and they said, ‘You just release it when you’re ready,’ and so I gave it to him and then he (the security guy) let it down to a guy, another security guy, then a guy jumped up kind of in front of him, grabbed it and they just put him down right away and made him give it back to him. That’s how that all happened, that guy never did have it.”

    Harshman says the ball is in “a secure location.”

    He also would not say if he actually had the ball on him, when he returned late Monday night to Casper.

    He has not yet decided what he is going to do with it.

    Harshman says

    Earlier in the day (Sunday), he and his children and his brother, watched the New York Giants football game, against the Cincinnati Bengals.

    Harshman is a teacher, the head football coach of Natrona County High School, and a member of the Wyoming State House of Representatives.

    According to published reports, Harshman was originally identified as “Steve from Colorado.”

    Harshman says he identified himself as Steve but declined to give his last name.

    He said he was from out west where there were a lot of Colorado Rockies fans.

    When a reporter assumed he was from Colorado, his response was, “Hey you said it, I didn’t.”

    If you would like to e-mail Steve Harshman and tell him what he should do with the ball, his e-mail addresses are: Steve_Harshman@ncsd.k12.wy.us and sharshman@house.wyoming.com

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    1. Raf
      September 25th, 2008 | 11:49 am

      Hmm, that’s not the guy I saw on the broadcast. Maybe it was a security guard that was holding on to the ball, or maybe it was a lousy angle…

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