• Cashman: Play For Me & You’ll Get October

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    Via Jon Heyman

    Yankees GM Brian Cashman has done a nice job of selling New York in the past, and this year the economic advantage may be greater than ever. “It’s a special place for those who have an opportunity to come and say they were a Yankee,” Cashman said. “For players interested in playing in the playoffs, it’s a good place to be.”

    Hearing this makes me see red. And, this goes back to what I wrote (almost four years ago) on May 2, 2005:

    Until the Yankees start stocking their team with players who realize you have to work for a ring, and it’s not an automatic given because of your payroll size or the names on your roster, we may just continue to see what we’ve been seeing since 2002 (and that World Series in 2001 might just be the closest we’ve come to seeing a champion for a long time to come).

    The Yankees don’t need players joining the team because playing here provides a chance to play in the post-season. The Yankees need players coming here who will take the team into the post-season and help them win there.

    The Yankees should be about teams who want to work towards a ring – and not about providing over-paid newcomers some post-season welfare.

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    1. MJ
      October 25th, 2008 | 11:52 am

      I think this is a case of you being a bit too sensitive to the language Cashman is using. What do you expect him to say? That the Yanks are a “little engine that could” and that he needs the right players to come here to build a dream? That’s the kind of bullshit that Larry Lucchino tried to sell in Boston for years and everyone just laughed at him. The Yanks are a $200M behemoth so they can’t pitch themselves as anything other than a team that believes and expects the post-season to be a near-certain result. It’s a business and Cashman has to sell New York as a place where the playoffs are part of the reality. He can’t say otherwise.

      This isn’t what Cashman ultimately believes, it’s merely front office-speak. You need to relax and not pick on the words so much.

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