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    This morning, my daughter (who is in the first grade) and my son (who will start kindergarten next year) watched “The Sportys” baseball DVD for the very first time.

    The baseball DVD is the first in “The Sportys” series – to be followed by additional videos for other sports. The series is being developed by Bobby Barad (who is Robinson Cano’s agent) and former big league outfielder Brady Clark.

    The feature in the DVD (which runs about 22 minutes long) has animated characters being taught about baseball, teamwork and sportsmanship by a talking baseball named “Stitch” (which is voiced by actor Michael Clark Duncan). According to the DVD case, the feature aims to educate kids ages 3-11 about the fundamentals of baseball in an entertaining and fun way.

    My kids were locked in while they watched the DVD. In fact, they didn’t make a sound while watching it. That’s always a sign that something has grabbed their attention and not lost it. Afterwards, we talked about what we watched and both of them said that they thought “The Sportys” was good. In fact, my daughter wanted to watch it again once it was over.

    The DVD also has some bonus content where Yankees batting coach Kevin Long instructs parents on how to teach baseball skills to their children at home via realistic, positive and fun instruction. Long’s message in this segment was on the money: Learn the basics, enjoy playing, have fun, and (as a parent) realize that the odds of your kid making the major leagues is between slim and none – so, try and make playing baseball a positive and fun experience (as it’s meant to be for kids).

    In the end, that’s what I would offer with respect to “The Sportys” baseball DVD. It’s a positive and fun tool to help introduce the game of baseball to young children who do not know the basics of the game.

    It may not be the DVD that your kids end up watching 100 times. But, it’s something that they will watch once, intently, and want to watch again. And, I would imagine that they’ll pick up enough “stuff” from the DVD that the next time they see a baseball game (albeit in-person or on TV), they’ll understand some of the things that they see in the game. And, that should lead to them wanting to play the game too.

    Hey, that’s good for them, you, and the game of baseball. So, when you connect the dots, “The Sportys” baseball DVD is good for your kids, you, and baseball itself.

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    1. Corey
      October 25th, 2008 | 1:17 pm

      i saw pete abe recommend this a while back FWIW

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