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    Posted by on October 26th, 2008 · Comments (1)

    You eat one lousy foot and they call you a cannibal – what a world!

    So, I’m getting a little bored watching the World Series this evening and I start clicking around. And, I’m hitting every channel out there – including the Veria channel. And, what do I see?

    They’re showing “The Big Bus.”

    Back when that movie first came out, I was 13-years old. I’ll always remember it because all the kids in the neighborhood went to see it together.

    At the time, I had only lived in that neighborhood for about six months. So, I was somewhat of a newbie to that gang and the things they did as a group – including going to the movies. I’m not 100% certain, but, I would bet that there were probably about seven of us who went that day. My next-door neighbor, Lucille, who was 29-years old at the time, drove us there – in her beat-up Volvo. There were probably two in the front with her, four of us jammed into the back seat, and my friend Roger took the trip riding in the trunk.

    True story. The car was so beat up that it was missing the radio antenna. So, that meant there was a hole in the rear fender where the antenna should have been – and this provided an air-hole to the trunk.

    We went to see it at the Rae Theater – which was about 8 miles away from our area – requiring about 3 miles worth or ride on the highway (with Roger bouncing around in the trunk).

    Ah, the ’70’s…

    You would never see someone pull a stunt like that today.

    “The Big Bus” was pretty cornball – especially when you look back at it now. Ever see it?

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    1. Raf
      October 27th, 2008 | 9:41 am

      I barely remember seeing it on either channel 5 or more likely channel 11 on a Saturday afternoon…

      I will admit, some 70’s era movies are corny but fun to watch, either from a style or dialogue standpoint. And you also realize how far we’ve come WRT production values and fx, to name but two examples.

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