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    Posted by on November 8th, 2008 · Comments (6)

    Damaso Marte has faced 826 left-handed batters in his career and held them to an OPS of .583. He showed no signs of losing this skill in 2008. He’ll have a job as a left-handed specialist coming out of the pen in 2009. And, it’s possible that he could be asked to close out about a half-dozen games as well.

    The biggest question for Marte in 2009 may be “Where will he be playing?” The Yankees have declined his option for next season. Some say New York hopes to still sign him, at a lower cost per season, in a multi-year deal. But, now that Marte is a free agent, he will get other offers as well. At this point, no one can predict if Damaso will be pitching, or not, for the Yankees in 2009.

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    1. OldYanksFan
      November 8th, 2008 | 8:18 am

      So what would you offer him that might get it done? 3/$14m?

    2. November 8th, 2008 | 8:37 am

      I think there are more than a few teams – esp. the Mets – who would be willing to give him $14 mill for three. So, it might take something like $15 or $16 mill for three to get it done.

      That’s why I don’t get cutting him for the $6 mill? For the, what, million you save this year you risk losing him.

      Of course, there’s the draft pick thing too. Maybe the Yankees are banking on that.

      But, my experience with Cashman is…when he tries to get clever, it usually backfires.

      See: Igawa’s posting fee and losing Lieber when he thought he had him…and then Kris Benson came along and screwed that up…

    3. Raf
      November 8th, 2008 | 11:08 am

      IMO, I think using Marte as a LOOGY is a waste.

      Having said that, my views on pen men are pretty well known; if Marte goes, he will be replaced by another arm. Tis the nature of building a bullpen.

    4. Pat F
      November 8th, 2008 | 11:50 am

      i think not picking up marte’s option is a mistake. he’s a rare player: consistent set-up man. with all the variations you get with relief pitchers year to year, to get one that has been so consistent, and is left handed, is a coup. 1 year and 6 million isn’t going to be that much more anually than he’ll command in a 3 year deal. plus, since elias ranks the draft pick compensation based on a three year period, if we kept him for one year, it’s likely he’d still be a type A next year. if we sign him for 3, who knows if he’ll be a type A at the end of it. plus, you risk losing him. i just don’t understand this one.

    5. Joseph M
      November 8th, 2008 | 1:21 pm

      The Marte move was another in a long series of bungles by Cashman, can you imagine a scenario where you turn on the tube and watch coming out of the Red Sox or Mets pen, I can. The Yanks have roamed the baseball landscape for the better part of a decade trying to rebuild the Nelson, Stanton, Mendoza, Rivera pen of the late 90’s, Marte is a perfect fit for the Stanton role and what does Cashman do………

    6. handtius
      November 9th, 2008 | 9:27 pm

      Does anyone understand that Marte is a type A free agent? If another team wants to sign him, they have to give their 1st rounder. This gives the Yankees an advantage. Most teams won’t give a first rounder for a reliever. Big money teams will probably not want to give ’em up to the Yanks. Too expensive. $14 mill and a 1sr rounder? nah.

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