• Johnny Damon’s Tour Of Duty As A Yankee

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    This morning, I was playing around with the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia. (What better way to spend a Sunday morning in December, avoiding household chores, while it’s 45 degrees outside and raining like cats and dogs?) Anywho, I was trying to find batters, in Yankees history, who have had similar stats to what Johnny Damon has done in the Bronx, to date, so far. To that end, I set the CBE controls for:

    RCAA > 50, and OPS >= .775, and OWP >= .575, with
    RUNS CREATED/GAME vs. the league average displayed only -ranked by Total Average.

    And, this is what I got:

    Oscar Gamble	.874	1707	103	.858	.694	2.32
    Danny Tartabull	.868	1837	72	.845	.627	1.47
    Johnny Damon	.823	1899	56	.810	.597	1.22
    Don Baylor	.791	1719	61	.817	.620	1.16

    I like the Don Baylor comp here – because he played for the Yankees in three seasons (1983-85) and Johnny Damon has played for the Yankees for three seasons (so far) as well. I’m sure the Yankees would have liked to have seen production from Damon closer to what Oscar Gamble posted (see above). But, it’s not like Damon the Yankee has been terrible. In fact, check out Johnny Damon’s numbers as a member of the Boston Red Sox, for the four years that he played there (prior to joining the Yankees):

    TA: .807
    PA: 2,782
    RCAA: 77
    OPS: .803
    OWP: .591
    RC vs. Lge: 1.28

    If Damon posts a season in 2009 for the Yankees, on average with what he’s done in New York so far, at the end of the day, his production in Yankeeland (for four years) will be right on with what he did for Red Sox Nation (for four years). If that happens, I think the Yankees, and their fans, should be happy with the way Damon performed as a member of the Yankees.

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    1. Nick-YF
      December 21st, 2008 | 10:44 am

      Damon’s offense has been fine. He’s had 2 very strong offensive seasons. The problem is that he lost a ton of defensive value during his time here. He’s now playing a less important position as a result of not being able to hack it out in center. So while the contract has not been onerous, we still have our issue in center.

    2. Corey
      December 21st, 2008 | 12:24 pm

      I really like damon in left to be honest…i feel like he’s the best left fielder we’ve had out there in a long time…

    3. December 21st, 2008 | 3:14 pm

      […] Johnny Damon’s Tour Of Duty As A Yankee […]

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