• Prison Break, Season 4, Episode 16 “Sunshine State”

    Posted by on December 22nd, 2008 · Comments (2)

    This was the best episode, to date, this season. Nice to see Dominic Purcell given a bigger role than he’s had for most of this season – even if we had to wait for the mid-season finale to see it happen.

    I nearly fell out of my seat when they said the show would return this Spring. The Spring? Why not the end of January? I checked to see when the show went on break and resumed in the past and found this:

    Season 1 went on break from November 28, 2005 until March 20, 2006.
    Season 2 went on break from November 27, 2006 until January 22, 2007.
    Season 3 went on break from November 12, 2007 until January 14, 2008.

    O.K, so, Season 4 ran into late December. I’ll give FOX that – and would suggest that February 2009 makes sense to start it up again.

    But, the Spring?

    What is that, March, April? Man, that’s too long to wait…especially the way things have been shaping up in the last few episodes.

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    1. butchie22
      December 22nd, 2008 | 11:07 pm

      Look, the fad that happened with Lost where the fans want to see concurrent episodes has caught ablaze. Steve, from what I understand it was dicey for them to even get a spring return. This episode could have been the last ,but since it’s the last season it’s coming back even though the ratings are not as they were in prior seasons. I do hate the wait too BUT I’d rather see that they end the show with quality rather than hackery…..

      I’ve enjoyed the show immensely this season but I’d like to see Self kick the can. He is such a jerk! The show has jumped the shark with the brothers(we saw that in the previews) working for the Company,however that makes it interesting as well. I’m a Sucre fan so I’m waiting on something to happen on his front, if anything. T-Bag showed that he has a heart… for a change! Self…. get rid of him. Gretchen has been showing a bit of leg lately, I like that. The brothers got quite a shock, unh? Yeah, it’s over the top with the return of their $%^&*(I don’t want to spoil anything but Steve knows what I mean) isn’t it? Mahone had a good call at the end of the episode, no? One last thing, is it me or does the General’s daughter helping out the Breakers make sense? who knows, I’ll just enjoy it and go along for the ride!

    2. December 23rd, 2008 | 12:39 pm

      If there’s one constant for this show it’s that you never know which bad guy is going to turn good, and vice versa, and which characters who are at odds will start buddying up – and vice versa. Pretty cool that the tease this week has the Brothers going at each other now.

      Although, FWIW, at times, some things are becoming predictable. The minute the general said, last week, that they only performed that surgery once before, I knew that their mother wasn’t dead…as we found out in the tease closing last week’s show.

      For the record, I think Fernando is coming back – even though he was not mentioned this week. That send off last week was not enough, given his character role, to fit the good-bye that he should have got…

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