• An Expert Opinion On A-Rod’s Prognosis

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    Back on January 6, 2009, Dr. Harry A. Bade (of Professional Orthopaedic Associates) was very kind to provide WasWatching.com with some expert opinion towards Jorge Posada’s recovery.

    Dr. Bade is a Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon with over 25 years of surgical experience specializing in the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injuries, rotator cuff repair, shoulder reconstruction, knee arthroscopy, hand fractures and tendon injuries.

    Today, Dr. Bade has provided WasWatching.com with the following thoughts regarding Alex Rodriguez’ current injury situation:

    A hip labral tear injury with an associated ganglionic cyst has suddenly surfaced as the most talked about orthopaedic sports related injury after Alex Rodriguez, the Yankee third baseman, was diagnosed and underwent an x-ray guided aspiration of the cyst by an orthopaedic hip specialist in Colorado. This condition is not uncommon with high-level professional and amateur athletes. The cause is multi-factorial to include excessive overuse and/or anatomic predispostion. His condition, which is also known as Hip Acetabular Impingement (HAI), is a degenerative process of the hip joint where a developed bone spur forms on the femoral neck (hip bone) and impinges upon the labrum causing a tear. The labrum is a soft tissue structure that helps with stability and nourishment of the joint surfaces.

    When a tear occurs, it is typically in the front or “anterior aspect” of the hip socket. The symptoms can be as mild as slight stiffness but may include snapping, catching and eventually become painful. With pain comes loss of strength and motion, therefore the athlete cannot function optimally.

    Rodriguez was treated for hip stiffness last season and may have suffered some reduced performance because of those symptoms. This year, the symptoms are more severe. This injury is in an area that heals poorly and will not heal without surgical intervention. He is scheduled for arthroscopic surgery of the hip on Monday March 9th. Once the surgeons enter the hip joint arthroscopically, the exact procedure will be decided by observing the nature of the hip labral tear. The tear can either be a flap tear, that moves but is attached to a “stalk,” or, multiple split tears in line with the labral fibers.

    The surgeons will most likely “debride” or clean-up the area and then either cut out the existing tear or repair the existing tear. During the procedure they would also evaluate the hip for any degree of degenerative or overuse arthritis.

    Post-operatively, his orthopaedic surgeon would allow the small portals or “holes” to heal and then soon start a rehabilitation program to obtain range of motion of the hip joint, strength and flexibility training and sport specific functional training for returning to baseball.

    Again, this injury is not uncommon. Many pro-athletes have undergone successful hip arthroscopic surgery. Several professional golfers, including Greg Norman have had successful careers following this surgical procedure. Hockey goalies, gymnasts and professional dancers have also had successful hip arthroscopic surgery.

    This is encouraging news for Rodriguez, the Yankees, and their fans. And, of course, my thanks to Professional Orthopaedic Associates and Dr. Harry A. Bade for their assistance on this matter.

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    1. Raf
      March 8th, 2009 | 8:59 pm

      Good work, Steve!

    2. jmeisner
      March 9th, 2009 | 6:11 pm

      Props to Dr. Bade and Steve for this.

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