• Guitar Bernie Williams Could Never Serenade Jeter

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    Via Entertainment Weekly

    Yet despite his lifelong love of music, [Bernie] Williams was the rare major-league hitter who didn’t have a signature pop song played over the stadium speakers when he stepped up to the plate. “It was kind of distracting to me,” he says. “I’m trying to concentrate, to hit [a pitch from] a guy throwing 95 miles an hour. I don’t want to be thinking about Clapton or B.B. King in the middle of the at-bat. And in old-school baseball, I never heard that Mickey Mantle had a favorite song coming up to bat.”

    What’s more, Williams says his fellow Yankees didn’t always appreciate his musical stylings back in his major-league days. “I used to bring my guitar all the time on plane rides and the bus,” he laughs. “I happened to sit behind or in front of Derek [Jeter]. He used to tell me to shut up. I’d drive him crazy! I would try to serenade him, but he would have none of it after a game. Everybody’s sleeping, and I’m trying to play some blues right in his ear.”

    Though Williams says he may never formally retire from baseball — “I’ll be 75 and still think I can hit out there,” he jokes — music is undeniably his primary focus now. “I have a lot of ways to go as far as my music knowledge is concerned. But it’s a lot more relaxing than going through a grueling 162-game schedule and trying to produce and be part of that great Yankee legacy.”

    Funny, I never realized that Bernie didn’t have Plate Appearance intro-music. Good for him. I hate that stuff.

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    1. Tresh Fan
      March 26th, 2009 | 1:56 am

      Bernie’s guitar seems to have been as welcome as Phil Linz’s harmonica.

    2. March 26th, 2009 | 10:05 am

      One of my fav stories of all-time…

      What did he say?
      He said play it louder…


    3. butchie22
      March 26th, 2009 | 10:29 am

      I remember some guy in the worst Brooklyn accent (calling up Mike and the Dog) complaining about how Bernie should pick up his bat instead of a guitar during his last year with the Yanks. I’m not a fan of music during games per se, but Enter Sandman is so right for Mo!

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