• Loose Lips Sank Sox In Teixeira Chase

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    Via the Boston Globe

    In an interview with sports radio station WFAN in New York on Friday, Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira said the public comments the Red Sox made during their pursuit of the free agent last winter “probably worked against them a little bit.”

    “I think always had the Yankees in my sights, and one thing that my agent and I had asked every single team is, we’re not going to negotiate through the media, and we ask you not to,” Teixeira said. “The Yankees were really the only team that did that. The other teams went out and told everybody their offers, and told everybody they’re gonna talk to me, that they’ve made made this call, and they made that trip, and they did that. The Yankees just kind of kept quiet. We talked with them all throughout the offseason and when they were ready to make their final offer, it was a great offer, and my wife and I were very excited about going to New York.”

    Teixeira was asked specifically if the public nature of the Red Sox negotiations last winter bothered him. “It did, it did,” replied Teixeira. “And I think in the end, it probably worked against them a little bit, because everyone thought the Red Sox were [my] No. 1, but in reality, the Yankees were gonna be the team, like I said all along, if all things were equal, the Yankees were the place that I wanted to go. It made the most sense for my family. It made the most sense for me and my career and where I wanted to go. Being a Yankee and wearing the pinstripes into the new Yankee Stadium, it doesn’t get any better than that. They had a leg up all along.”

    I really hope that Teixeira does well for the Yankees. He seems to be the type of player who can become a huge fan favorite. And, while he may not reach the “Paul O’Neill” level of imported-everyday-player-who-becomes-Yanks-fan-fav status, there’s no reason why Tex cannot reach the “Hideki Matsui” or “Tino Martinez” level. The trick is simple – and it’s a “Three P” thing: Play hard. Produce. And, don’t be a priss. If Teixeira masters all three “P’s,” his ticket to Yankees fans’ hearts will be punched.

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    1. DP
      March 29th, 2009 | 1:15 pm

      I understand what you’re saying, but don’t you think these gratuitous shots at the Red Sox are, in fact, kind of prissy? Is there any sign that the Red Sox didn’t negotiate in good faith? Isn’t the leaking understood to have been largely coming from his own agent, the inimitable Scott Boras? The quote above strikes me as being much more of a piece with the whiny, forever misunderstood A-Rod than with the stoic O’Neill. I hope I’m wrong, of course…

    2. YankCrank
      March 29th, 2009 | 3:14 pm

      Ok, let’s take a second and look at this angle.

      Whenever a good player is signed by another team Yankee fans come on this blog and say, “Why didn’t! Cashman go and get him?!? Is he sleeping?” When the Yankees also sign somebody, Steve and others say, “Why does Cashman deserve any credit? All he did was just throw top dollar at him, where are the GM skills in that?”

      This is a perfect example to sit back and be thankful for Cashman. In no way do I think that Tex chose the Yanks over the Sox just because of these “negotiations through the media,” but Tex admits that a part of his choice came down to the way Cashman handled himself, handled the negotiations and respected Tex’s privacy. Top dollar did rule in the end, so it’s not like Cash got him for less money, but it seems it was more than just top dollar.

      Part of being critical and still remaining respectable is criticizing when it’s due, and giving credit when credit is due. Cash deserves credit for this.

    3. March 29th, 2009 | 3:47 pm

      YankCrank wrote:

      Cash deserves credit for this.

      $180 million in cash, that is…

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