• April 10th @ The Royals

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    To this Yankees fan – meaning me – there aren’t many more things that I enjoy greater than watching Andy Pettitte throw a gem – like he did today. He’s just so workman like – yet professional too. Watching him, be “on” like he was today, is just a pure joy.

    This game was the 84th time that Pettitte threw a regular season beauty for the Yankees – thereabouts. And, I wish I had each and everyone one of them on DVD. I’d keep them forever.

    Oh, and that Mo Rivera guy is pretty good as well. Don’t know if I ever mentioned this…but…watching Mariano today close it out made me ponder: When was the last time that Rivera threw from the full wind-up? Man, just for kicks, in his very last game, on his very last pitch, if he has a chance…Mo should throw from the full wind-up. How funny would that be?

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