• April 21st vs. The A’s

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    For a while, in the second inning, it looked like the Yankees were going to have their turn at a “big inning” – like Cleveland did to them on Saturday. But, it was not so big – just enough to win. And, it was assisted by some questionable A’s defensive positioning and plays – like where Mark Ellis was on the Brett Gardner hit and then Ellis’ non-play on Derek Jeter’s liner.

    In the end, it was another close win this season for the Yankees – with Andy Pettitte having a big hand in it. (More on Pettitte’s night to follow.)

    It was interesting to see the A’s Andrew Bailey in this game. Just the other day, I was reading Cormac Gordon’s nice feature on Bailey. Speaking of A’s pitchers, I got a huge smile this evening seeing Josh Outman’s old-school socks. Attaboy Josh. I’d love to see that look make a comeback.

    Back to Andy Pettitte. The big lefty went seven innings this evening without walking or whiffing a batter. When was the last time a Yankees starting pitcher went 7+ innings in a game with zero walks and zero strikeouts? You have to go back all the way to October 6, 1991 when 17,863 fans were on hand at Yankee Stadium to see the Yanks’ starter, Dave Eiland, do that trick. Yup, that’s the same Dave Eiland who is now the Yankees pitching coach. Man, that’s a long time ago.

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