• A-Rod Makes It To “Lie To Me” (On FOX) In Episode 10 Of Season 1

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    Did you see the episode of “Lie To Me*,” entitled Better Half on FOX this evening?

    If you’ve never seen the show, they do a cool little thing with real people that’s been well described by the blog Entertaining Ideas. So, I’ll just highlight what’s there to share some background on what the show does:

    One fun thing “Lie to Me*” does is incorporate photos of real people (Bill Clinton, Saddam Hussein, Kato Kaelin and even Simon Cowell) creating facial expressions to go along with the the acts of lying or feeling shame and disgust. When a few of the show’s actors seem to be making an exaggerated facial expression, they’ll flash to a photo of a famous person making an expression almost exactly like it to show that the signs are there if you’re willing to look.

    Well, in this evening’s episode, about 8 minutes from the end, they framed a picture of the face of a character caught in a lie with two “real life” liars…on the left was Jim McGreevey and on the right was…Alex Rodriguez.

    It was pretty funny. If you missed it, check it out. It will probably be on hulu or something soon.

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