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    Via the Bergen Record

    Yankees fan Roberto Cuanof Teaneck was feeling awfully good about landing a pair of $15 bleacher seats at face value for the Yankees’ opening day of their brand-new billion-dollar stadium last week.

    That is, until he reached the left field bleachers that day.

    The tickets, purchased in early March on yankees.com, were for Section 237, Row 14, Seats 35 and 36.

    One problem — the row only has 35 seats.

    “It’s not a bargain if your seat doesn’t exist,” said Cuan, 34.

    Cuan said he was told by stadium personnel to grab another pair of seats in the section. But as Cuan — a Yankees partial season-ticket holder since 1997 — had feared, before game time the last empty seats in the section for the historic and sold-out game were claimed.

    “Now I leave my father in the one seat, and I miss the first pitch and part of the ceremonies while I’m waiting in line at the ticket office,” Cuan said.

    “The [employee] takes my tickets, disappears for a while, and finally comes back with two tickets in another bleacher section,” Cuan added. “But he won’t give me my old tickets back, which I wanted as proof when I contacted Ticketmaster, and he won’t let me speak to a supervisor. Not a pleasant guy to deal with. He told me that if I didn’t step aside, he’d have an officer remove me from the premises.”

    Cuan said when he went back to see his father — the game was now the second inning — another fan overheard the story and said the same thing had happened with the same “phantom seat” at a Yankees-Cubs exhibition game earlier this month.

    “If this gentleman was treated inhospitably, for that we apologize,” said Yankees spokeswoman Alice McGillion, who added that the team would offer Cuan tickets to another game to underscore that point. “No matter how many times you walk through a stadium and double-check the inventory, there’s always a handful of seats where this happens.”

    I never heard of Alice McGillion before this season. She sure is a busy lady these days though…having to answer many questions about the new Stadium, etc.

    So, the new Yankee Stadium has seats behind home plate that they can’t sell and go empty…along with seats in the bleachers that don’t exist and are sold. Bizarro, huh?

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    1. ken
      April 24th, 2009 | 8:42 am

      It’s not unusual to have glitches in such a large new endeavor as a baseball stadium. I don’t knock the team for selling Seat 36 in a row with 35 seats.

      I have attended events where similar mistakes were made but I wasn’t made to feel like I was the cause of the problem.

      What does annoy me here is the attitude of the person in the ticket office. He should have been gracious and apologetic. It likely reflects the attitude of how the front office is run and makes a loyal fan wince.

    2. MJ
      April 24th, 2009 | 10:00 am

      This happened to me at the old ballpark on 6/9/2000 (the game where Piazza hit a GS off Clemens which lead to the beaning the next time they faced eachother).

      I had two tickets in the Main level, purchased in person at the Yankee box office on the first day tickets went on sale, out in RF (Section 35 I believe) at the end of a row. Just like in this story, one of my seats did not exist. I took the tickets to the ticket office, was given two replacement seats (folding chairs) in the handicap section behind the Main level (those little baloncy thingies) and given a pair of tickets to a future game of my choice.

      Until today, I had never heard of anyone else buying a phantom seat before but I guess it happens from time to time, even in this age of computerized ticket inventory management systems.

    3. Jake1
      April 24th, 2009 | 11:48 am

      He only needs to get 2600 more bucks and he can sit close where he’d be the only one

    4. MJ
      April 24th, 2009 | 11:50 am

      *baloncy = balcony

      My typos are never-ending…

    5. butchie22
      April 24th, 2009 | 5:51 pm

      What Yankee Inc made yet another mistake besides the wind tunnel problem( the jury is still out on that BUT it makes a good companion to this)? The guy wasn’t treated properly and that was wrong. He should have been shown more respect by the people in question.

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