• Gary Apple Interviews Selena Roberts

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    Wow. Did Gary Apple really call A-Rod a “maniacal serial liar”? Yes, I believe that he did…

    However, on the other side, Apple did also press Roberts on the Duke issue…

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    1. May 7th, 2009 | 8:51 am

      Steve, a few points about what she said. I’ve read and reviewed the book. I would put up a link, but I’m afraid somebody might accuse me of self-promotion! 😉

      * “more an explanation than an excorciation” – I dunno. When you call somebody a “slumlord” and compare him to the sociopathic Talented Mr. Ripley and Mr. Potter of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” I think it’s an excorciation, but maybe that’s me.

      * A-Rod is a “creature of embellishment” – very true. Which is why it doesn’t make any sense for Roberts that her top point to “prove” that A-Rod used steroids in high school is that Alex once said he went from bench-pressing 100 pounds to 300 pounds.

      * Still waiting for somebody to ask her why she didn’t ask Buck Showalter or anybody of her on-the-record sources about the pitch-tipping accusation.

      * Her faux-sympathetic tone about A-Rod’s childhood in the interview is not what is written in the book.

      * And her Duke lacrosse explanation is nonsense, and does not reflect her original columns. Give credit to Apple, though, for asking her about it in the first place.

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