• Purchased Copy Of Roberts’ A-Rod Book Just As Rare As T206 Honus Wagner Card?

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    Via the AP

    Remember that tell-all book about A-Rod?

    Published in early May by HarperCollins with an announced first printing of 150,000, “A-Rod” has sold just 16,000 copies so far, according to Nielsen BookScan, which tracks about 75 percent of industry sales. The book sold 11,000 in its first week, then quickly faded.

    At the Rizzoli Bookstore in midtown Manhattan, “A-Rod” has sold two copies. Twenty-seven copies have sold at Posman Books, based in Grand Central Terminal, but none in the past two weeks.

    Only 16,000 out of 150,000 copies have sold? Wow. That’s a batting average of .107 on sales.

    In his last 44 ABs in ALDS play, A-Rod has hit better that that. Granted, he’s only hit .159 in those 44 ABs, but, that’s still better than .107.

    I wonder if they boo Selena Roberts when she walks into the offices at HarperCollins?

    Comments on Purchased Copy Of Roberts’ A-Rod Book Just As Rare As T206 Honus Wagner Card?

    1. festus
      June 12th, 2009 | 5:53 pm

      Hilarious stuff. I can’t for the life of me think of a book I’d less want to read. Who is the target market for this book? A-Rod haters? Red Sox fans? Are they really interested enough to spend time to think about him in detail? It’s like the target audience is the least likely people to want to read the book. The Barry Bonds book at least had some reputable journalism and was on the forefront of the steroids controversy. This is just garbage.

    2. Tresh Fan
      June 13th, 2009 | 12:38 am

      No doubt about it, Harper Collins took a bath on this one. It sort of makes Selena Roberts their Kei Igawa. But hey, not to worry! DYK there is no definitive criteria for a book to be considered a “Best Seller?” Any author can call any of their published books a “best seller” if they want to. In fact, someone I once knew in the publishing biz told me that the BEST way to make your book a best seller is to call it one. So don’t be surprized if you hear Roberts claiming that her B.S. is a Best Seller.

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