• Now I Know Who Sent The Bucky Dent Card!

    Posted by on June 30th, 2009 · Comments (0)

    Homerun Derby has the story. (H/T to BBTF.) And, credit to Craig Calcaterra for breaking this one.

    When the Bucky Dent card (to me) arrived this past Saturday, I wondered “What’s this? Is it an anthrax card from some Red Sox fan?” (Yes, I’m kidding.)

    Seriously, I almost posted something on it, when it arrived on June 27th, but, then, I thought “What if this is some sort of bait or something? Maybe it’s better to not publically acknowledge receipt and just wait and see if someone comes foward to claim that they sent it?” And, that’s what I did – I zipped my lip and waited…

    …nice to see that I didn’t have to wait that long. Three days later, the answer is in hand. My thanks to Josh Wilker’s publisher for a nice card.

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