• July 2nd vs. The Mariners

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    CC Sabathia didn’t have it tonight and only Robinson Cano and Hideki Matsui were swinging well for the Yankees in this one. And, when that happens, you’re not going to win too many times.

    Oh, and, Russell Branyan hit a “restaurant quality” (as Ken Singleton called it) homer (banging it off the Mohegan Sun sports bar in center) against Alfredo Aceves in the 9th inning. Betcha that woke up a lot of people who were watching the game on T.V., and who fell asleep as the fans in Yankee Stadium were being equally bored doing the wave…

    That was the first time a batter has reached the Mohegan Sun with a homer at the new Yankee Stadium.

    Now comes an interesting run on the Yankees schedule: Four day games in a row against the Blue Jays – when was the last time the Yankees played four day games in a row? – followed by three games on the rug and under the lid in Minny and then three games way out west in Los Angeles (before the All-Star break).

    I have to wonder if any Yankees players will get into trouble having four nights off, in a row, while the team is in New York? Is the Copacabana still open?

    O.K., true story that has nothing to do with the Yankees or baseball, but, one I have to share: A church around the corner from me is holding one of those 6-day Annual Fairs that features games, rides, raffles, food, etc. So, me, my wife, our 7-year old daughter and 5-year old son decided to check it out.

    One of the rides there was “The Flying Bobs.” (If you’ve never seen it, check out the video below.) Basically, this thing whips you around, fast, at times tilting you to the side, as you sit in it, two in a tub – and then it does it again, but this time in reverse, just as fast, etc.

    My daughter decided that she wanted to ride “The Flying Bobs” – and, since she’s just seven, I joined her on this one.

    As we’re on line, waiting our turn to ride it, I was watching the people riding it (before us). And, as this thing is whipping around, I noticed a young girl (probably around 14-years old), sitting with another girl, riding “The Flying Bobs” and “texting” someone on her mobile device at the same time. Simply, unbelievable – but true.

    What can possibly be next?

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    1. Corey
      July 3rd, 2009 | 9:21 am

      eh they had a similar stretch of day games earlieri n the year:
      Thu, 4/16 vs Indians 1:05p
      Fri, 4/17 vs Indians 1:05p
      Sat, 4/18 vs Indians 3:40p
      Sun, 4/19 vs Indians 1:05p

      ihope this stretch doesnt include a wang implosion like the one in april did

    2. MJ
      July 3rd, 2009 | 9:31 am

      Yesterday was a very annoying game. With the Sawx off and our ace on the mound against a soft team…and we lose 8-4. Not fun.

      I’m going to the Sunday game and…AGAIN…Joba’s on the mound. I’m beginning to hate Joba. This will be my fourth game at the stadium and my fourth Joba start. #1 he got rocked vs. Boston in the first, dominated the next 5 innings and lost. #2 he got hit by a liner vs. Baltimore and left the game after 4 batters. #3 he walked the ballpark vs. the Mets and got bailed out by our offense and Luis Castillo.

      I’m goddamn sick and tired of seeing Joba pitch, especially because every time I see him, he sucks or something bad happens.


    3. Corey
      July 3rd, 2009 | 9:44 am

      @ MJ:
      im not gonna be at this 1…so you can pretty much write out a check for 7 IP 0 ER 8 K 2 BB 6 H and take it to the bank

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