• Burnett Has Been The Wind Beneath Yankees Weak Wings

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    Via Baseball-Reference.com’s Play Index Pitching Game Finder – A.L. leaders, by team, for most “Quality Starts” made before the All-Star break this season:

     Tm  Year Games Link to Individual Games
     TOR 2009    51 Ind. Games                
     MIN 2009    46 Ind. Games                
     KCR 2009    46 Ind. Games                
     BOS 2009    46 Ind. Games                
     CHW 2009    44 Ind. Games                
     SEA 2009    43 Ind. Games                
     DET 2009    43 Ind. Games                
     LAA 2009    42 Ind. Games                
     OAK 2009    41 Ind. Games                
     TEX 2009    40 Ind. Games                
     TBR 2009    39 Ind. Games                
     NYY 2009    38 Ind. Games                
     CLE 2009    37 Ind. Games                
     BAL 2009    31 Ind. Games                
    Games found: 587.

    So, the Yankees are 12th in the league (out of 14 teams) in terms of “Quality Starts” made in the first half of this season?

    Wow. That’s brutal.

    Here’s how the Yankees individual “Quality Starts” shake out:

                       Year Games Link to Individual Games
     A.J. Burnett      2009    11 Ind. Games                
     C.C. Sabathia     2009     9 Ind. Games                
     Andy Pettitte     2009     8 Ind. Games                
     Joba Chamberlain  2009     8 Ind. Games                
     Philip Hughes     2009     2 Ind. Games                
    Games found: 38.

    Pretty interesting to see Chamberlain and Pettitte with almost as many “Quality Starts” as Sabathia, huh? So, where would the Yankees starting rotation be without A.J. Burnett, so far, this year? The answer: In deep trouble.

    Go figure.

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    1. Corey
      July 16th, 2009 | 9:15 am

      “burnit” has been the anchor lately, just as he was at the beginning of the year before he hit that rough patch…The difference between CC and Andy and Joba is that when CC throws a “quality” start it usually means 7+ innings and 2 or fewer runs

    2. July 17th, 2009 | 10:51 pm

      […] Burnett had no command in this game – yet he gave the Yankees another quality start. Nice […]

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