• July 17th vs. The Tigers (Rain Delay Edition)

    Posted by on July 17th, 2009 · Comments (7)

    Just a few notes about this game, so far, while we’re in a rain delay in the bottom of the 8th…

    A.J. Burnett had no command in this game – yet he gave the Yankees another quality start. Nice job. And, speaking of Yankees pitchers, it’s great to see Phil Hughes used properly – and excel at it.

    Switching to Tiger pitchers…”Fu-Te Ni” has now made my list of all-time favorite baseball names. It’s crazy fun to see “Ni” on the back of a uniform jersey. Just two letters. Wow. And, hey, Joel Zumaya, dude, you had it coming to you in this one.

    Unrelated to anything, at one point in the game, I was clicking around during commericals and I landed on one of our HBO channels which was airing a feature on Ted Williams. And, I ended up staying with it for ten minutes or so. Man, it’s very good. Gotta check that one out, from start to finish, real soon.

    Back to the Yankees, when did all that “G” Gatorade stuff pop up around the Stadium – like the Adidas stuff at the old Stadium? Did I miss that, or, did they get that in during the All-Star break?

    Lastly, will someone tell the YES guys that Mark Teixeira’s last homer was on July 9th and not on June 12th? (I can’t blame Singleton for that one – he just reads the stat sheet that they hand him…)

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    1. bloodyank78
      July 18th, 2009 | 2:07 am

      Was it me, or was Hughes throwing some straight gas last night? I’ve seen him in the mid-90’s and such before; the YES gun said 97 a few times… But to the naked eye his stuff just looked like it had some ZIP! Lotsa late life. Don’t know if I’ve seen him throw like that before.

    2. copela26
      July 18th, 2009 | 2:50 am

      Burnett sure is frustrating to watch sometimes with all his walks but his stuff is so nasty that it gets the job done. I was having a discussion on Cashman today when my friend claimed that anyone could sign the free agents cashman did. I reminded him that cash had the choice between burnett and lowe you figure add at least half a run to lowes ERA if he pitching in the AL east and itd be pretty ugly. Score one for cash on that decision.

    3. Evan3457
      July 18th, 2009 | 4:20 am

      Very early in AJ’s Yankee career to be proclaiming victory.

      But so far, so good.

    4. butchie22
      July 18th, 2009 | 11:03 am

      The tell it like it is kinda guy I am , I have to give CReam Pie Guy some credit. IS he gonna pitch like this for the duration of his contract? I highly doubt that, but of late he’s been doing a very good job.

      @ copela Burnit is in the top 5 pitchers in baseball in terms of “stuff”. He has problems like getwaway innings AND his makeup. So far I can’t give the Yankee GM anything yet on AJ. It’s only half a year into a 5 year contract, let’s see how many trips he makes to the DL in that time AND if he pitches anywhere as well by the 4th year let alone the 5th.

      Hughes seems to be thriving in that relief role, no? This time next year there will be voices saying that Phil H should be the heir apparent to MO. If he keeps on pitching like this who knows……….

    5. July 18th, 2009 | 11:13 am

      I’m just amazed that it’s July 18th, in the first year of his long term deal, and he hasn’t been on the D.L. yet this season. For me, that’s a win right there – when it comes to AJ…

    6. Janks-n-Jints
      July 18th, 2009 | 11:20 am

      “Lastly, will someone tell the YES guys that Mark Teixeira’s last homer was on July 9th and not on June 12th? (I can’t blame Singleton for that one – he just reads the stat sheet that they hand him…)”

      He said that Mark hadn’t hit a homer AS A LEFTY since June 12th.

    7. July 18th, 2009 | 3:12 pm

      Ah, musta missed that…thanks

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