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    Yankees G.M. Brian Cashman’s only deal today, before the expiration of the non-waiver trading deadline, was to acquire bench player Jerry Hairston Jr. from the Reds (in a trade). I guess we, as Yankees fans, should have seen this coming based on what Cashman said the other day (via Ken Davidoff):

    A few reporters got Brian Cashman before the game, to discuss the clubs’ needs as we head toward the July 31 non-waivers trade deadline.

    And one of the Yankees’ GM’s most interesting thoughts was that he doesn’t believe this deadline holds much value anymore.

    “I think over the years, this trade deadline is no longer even in existence,” Cashman said. “…The waiver stuff is not going to prevent deals in August. Guys are going to get through because people are going to be afraid to afraid to claim and get stuck with money that they can’t afford. And so the July 31 trade deadline is more of a fictitious one now, anyway.

    “It’s not like it was when Steve Phillips (when he was the Mets’ GM) and I were going haywire, claiming everyone on the wire. Those days are dead and buried, because no one can live with a mistake like they used to. Because the economy has changed and has affected everybody both in and out of sports. Although July 31 is approaching, it’ll affect some level of players. Most, most likely, will clear. There’ll be a very large population to pick from as we move forward, anyway.”

    Are the Yankees, and, more specifically, Brian Cashman making the right move here? The Red Sox and Rays are chasing the Yankees in the A.L. East at this moment. And, should one of those teams catch New York, then the Yankees will find themselves fighting with the other, along with the Twins, White Sox, Tigers, and Rangers – and possibly the Angels – for the A.L. Wildcard.

    If the Yankees have a chance to pick up a decent player – say, a pitcher, which is what they need now – Brian Cashman thinks the Red Sox, Rays, White Sox, Tigers and (maybe) Angels are going to be afraid to take on a player’s contract by putting in a waiver claim on him (and block the player from going to New York)? O.K., maybe the Rays might not have the salary room…but Boston, Detroit, Chicago and L.A. are not going to let spending some money outside their budget get between them and a World Series, are they?

    Time will tell if Cashman’s bluff here is the right play…but, in the interim, what do you think?

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    1. JeremyM
      July 31st, 2009 | 11:19 pm

      I’m starting to really question Cashman. They’re little things really, but Hairston and Ransom (presumably) on the roster at the same time is maddening to me. I guess Cairo and Enrique Wilson weren’t available? And it seems clear to me that something is bothering Aceves- he was really stalling between pitches out there- but instead of disabling him and letting him heal, he’s out there in a position to get rocked and blow a big game.

      And I understand a lot of the payroll is tied up in the starters, but again, Ransom and Hairston?!?!

      And my God Posada was brutal out there tonight. It was like watching my D-league softball team kick the ball around. It’s one thing to lose, but that’s two games in a row with poor at bats and terrible defense, and that’s maddening.

    2. Rich
      July 31st, 2009 | 11:22 pm

      According to Ham, the Mariners wanted AJack for Washburn. I’m glad that the Yankees didn’t do that.

      The truth is that with all the injuries to their pitching prospects and Hal’s (understanaable) reluctance to add payroll, Cash didn’t have a lot of flexibility.

      What they need to do is shift Hughes to the rotation and rely more on Melancon.

    3. ken
      July 31st, 2009 | 11:34 pm

      I’m sure that whatever pitcher Cashman considered would have cost too much in young talent. He properly refused to give up the future for a middle of rotation guy. Right now, their starting rotation is better than BOS and TB.

    4. Evan3457
      August 1st, 2009 | 12:46 am

      Running down a list, the pitchers who might pass through waivers include:

      Justin Duchscherer, Oakland
      Doug Davis and Jon Garland, Diamondbacks
      Oliver Perez and Livan Hernandez, Mets
      Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo, Reds
      Gil Meche, Royals

      Not saying all of them will, but it only takes 2 or 3 of them to get a decent deal.

      I’m thinking Arroyo, who’s not worth his contract and who has another overpriced year left. He can be Andy Pettitte next season. Davis is a 2nd possibility.

      They’re not great, but they’re probably better than Mitre, I’d think.
      Sox and Angels might have better records than the Yanks by then, so their claims won’t matter. Detroit’s rotation is now full. I doubt they’ll risk claiming any of them. White Sox rotation is now full with the acquisition of Peavy. So, yeah, there’s a decent chance a decent pitcher could slip through waivers in this economy. It’ll only take one team to call a waivers bluff for a bad contract to put a stop to it.

    5. Raf
      August 1st, 2009 | 3:04 am

      but Boston, Detroit, Chicago and L.A. are not going to let spending some money outside their budget get between them and a World Series, are they?

      Time will tell, but I’m sure they will need the ok before they add anyone of significance.

      Then again, Canseco in 2000 still has me shaking my head

    6. Rich
      August 1st, 2009 | 2:52 pm

      If the Yankees keep playing like this, the priority of waiver claims will become irrelevant.

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