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    I’ve mentioned in the past that, as a kid, my first favorite Yankees player was Thurman Munson. And, recently reading Marty Appel’s new book on Munson, got me thinking more and more about how much I admired him as a player, back in the day.

    Related, the other day, as I was looking back on Munson’s life and career, I discovered that his son, Michael Munson, opened a restaurant in Canton (Ohio) called Munson’s Home Plate Sports Pub back in January of 2008. From the reports that I’ve seen the place is decorated in baseball memorabilia and photographs from Thurman’s career.

    Right away, when learning this, I thought “Sports Pub? They must have T-Shirts for sale there, or something? I have to find out if I can get one.” and I called up restaurant. And, I found out that they do have shirts for men and ladies – including tanks for ladies as well.

    Here are the men’s shirts:

    Click on thumbnail to enlarge the image.

    And, here are the ladies shirts:

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    Lastly, click here to see the ladies tank tops.

    Knowing that there are many other Yankees fans who grew up being a fan of Thurman Munson and who may also have an interest in shirts like these, and also thinking that many Yankees fans in general, living outside of Canton, Ohio, may have an interest in a unique Yankees-related shirt, I figured I would share this discovery today.

    Munson’s Home Plate Sports Pub can be reached by calling (330) 494-2800. When I called, I told the person answering the phone that I was calling from out-of-state and was interested in purchasing a shirt from the Pub. And, that’s all that it took – a simple phone call. If you’re interested in getting one of these shirts too, all you have to do is call them at (330) 494-2800 as well.

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