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    Via Newsday

    What school would have a course entitled BOSS? None other than Steinbrenner High School, where opening day is Tuesday in Lutz, Fla., near the home of Yankees patriarch George Steinbrenner.

    The $60 million structure in Hillsborough County is fairly state of the art, and there are reports that some parents have been angling to stretch the boundaries to have their children included in the district. There are no empty seats to be had in this structure, where nearly 2,000 students will report.

    To quickly clear up any misconceptions, Steinbrenner did not buy his way into naming rights, though his largely financial “good deeds” certainly earned him the honor.

    “Over the years, Mr. Steinbrenner has been deeply involved in the community, particularly with the schools and the school system,” said Steven Ayers, director of community relations for Hillsborough County public schools. “He’s been very involved and very philanthropic. He’s probably donated in tens of millions over the length of time.”

    Steinbrenner High will have the usual old school subjects of English, math and science, but will kick it up a notch with offerings for students preparing for a career in sports. Sports marketing, sports medicine and the business of sports (BOSS), including George’s specialty of entrepreneurship, will be available in grades 9-12. But the 79-year-old Steinbrenner will be the only senior associated this year with the school, which begins with grades 9-11. A picture of him will also be displayed in the school.

    The athletic teams, called the Warriors (Yankees was considered) will wear navy and gold uniforms (no names, of course) and, perhaps owing to the marketing sense of its namesake, school T-shirts are in pre-order for $10. Try comparing that to any similar piece of apparel at Yankee Stadium. Lunch at Steinbrenner will cost $2.75. That wouldn’t buy a hot-dog bun in the Bronx.

    Go check out the website for Steinbrenner High School – and dig that intro music. We didn’t have stuff like that when I was in High School. Then again, I didn’t see my first PC until I was out of High School for eight years…

    Here’s some info on Big Stein High’s baseball coach – via TampaBay.com

    Hillsborough County’s all-time winningest baseball coach is returning to the dugout.

    Former Jesuit coach John Crumbley, who won 575 games and three state titles at Jesuit, has been hired to start the baseball program at Steinbrenner High School, the school announced Monday.

    “I’ve missed it from the day I walked away,” Crumbley said. “The opportunity to start a new program at a school named after George Steinbrenner is exciting. I’m grateful for the 25 years I spent at Jesuit. There was never a day when I got up and didn’t want to go do my job.”

    Crumbley’s contract as athletic director ends in May. He will begin at Steinbrenner, where he will also teach algebra, in August.

    I wonder if Crumbley will have to worry about having Billy Connors looking over his shoulder and spying on him?

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    1. mondoas
      August 23rd, 2009 | 11:16 am

      Funny, the use of the name Warriors is ALMOST as good as Yankees considering how much he loved the word. His favorite description of Paul O’Neil. Man, when I was in HS (86-89) the lunches were 50 cents and that was in Connecticut. People who only know of George as the owner of the Yankees really have missed out all he has given back to this world that is not baseball related.

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