• September 7th vs. The Rays – Game 2

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    As I write this, the Yankees are up, 11-1, in this game – and it’s the 7th inning. Edwar Ramirez is pitching for New York. Ramiro Pena is now playing shortstop. And, Mark Teixeira was removed from the game – with Brett Gardner coming in, playing center, along with Nick Swisher going from right field to first base and Melky Cabrera going from center field to right field. Yup, it’s now a Spring Training game. Too bad that Elliot Johnson isn’t up with the Rays this September. This would be a good game for buzzing him – and providing some in-season payback for Francisco Cervelli.

    Did you know, as of this writing, Jose Molina has reached base 4 times in this game? That’s only the 7th time in his career he’s been on base 4 times in a game – and, now, it’s twice against Tampa Bay. Boy, the Rays must have nightmares about the Panda.

    Speaking of Molina…A.J. Burnett, after the first inning, seemed to find himself in this game, huh? And, Jose Molina was catching him. Oh, boy, here we go again

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